Heavy traffic cant connect

Been having this shit error the hole time.

Same for me, been in queue for 6 hours then got kicked out of the game at 500, now i cant even load back into the game

Edit: got back into queue, went from 500 to 13300 guess ill be in game in about 4 hours :frowning:

All serveurs are totally and completely full at the moment…

Amazon Game Slackerz powah ! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I don’t think we can fault the team that are currently working to resolve the issues, but they completely underestimated the popularity and the amount of servers they’d need

have the same problem after crashing.
my spot before the queue is probably gone :confused:

every EU-server is marked as full now.
wasn’t the maintenance supposed to increase the capacity?

and if you look at the us-servers it’s a complete different picture -…-
maybe i should have switched to US instead of a “lowpop” (haha in retrospect) EU-server

got to server selection after waiting 5mins.
5.5k queue for me

For me its funny, i see post were someone form the staff say they “monitor servers” and will change capacity where needed… well 6h of trying to conenct to even seen server list is not enough ? or waiting another 3-4 hours in queeue ?.

Im unable to play since friday i manage connect ones at night and still wait like 1h in q, im feeling like they say to me “Buy founder pack and f u, sincerely Amazon Games” xD

P.S now im 17869 in q… i think im not gonna play today too.

they were “laying the groundwork”. as I understand it increasing server capacity can be a tough task if you want it done right, they need to make sure the servers can remain stable an functional with the extra load.

it might be simpler for them to add new servers but then the issue is founders packs which wont follow you (i myself lost access to my pack when transferring to a new server and am still frustrated) but in order to allow founders packs to follow the player the main developers would need to make changes to the system, something amazon cant control.

all in all its going to take time to fix but was an issue that should have been avoided and likely would have by a more experienced MMO publisher, better to have too many servers and merge them than too few and annoy your player base.

Hello @Deibas ! Hope you are doing great today! :dragon:

We are glad to have you here! Thank you for posting into our forums!:sparkles:

I’m sorry to hear that you have been facing long queue times and some errors like the 10027 and W0x2-0PELPWN1N2NT while trying to log in, of course we don’t want this kind of issues to happen as we want players to be able to access the servers and start the adventures on Arkesia on the best way possible

One of our Community Managers has addressed this issues in a previous thread and has let the players know that the developers are working on this matter that is affecting several players, you can check it here: Error 10027 servers overloaded - #8 by Roxx and also here: Error code W0x3-SPELPWN1N2NT - #40 by Roxx

We very much appreciate your patience as they are looking for a fix!

See you in Arkesia!:rabbit2::leaves:

The question is how the f**k they can’t estimated the popularity of the game when hundreds of thousands founders packs have been sold ?

And don’t forget the servers were almost full the 8th feb !

This is the kind of message which piss me off dude…

Automatic one, purely…

i just got in. que 4405
but im pretty sure ill be kicked out of it agian soon.

i try to defend them but yeah cut and paste / mail merged responses (while quick and efficient) can be frustrating. but hey lets try and assume they need to respond with these kinds of messages in this way because they’re all busy trying to fix the servers and don’t want to use up too much time with a more personalised response

I hope you’re right bro… but with these issues, I’m almost 100% sure that the majority of the players ingame will find solution to stay ingame, no matter what… And U can imagine what will happen for people outside, on queue list…

That’s actually what happened on New World. It was unfair but understable, and it’s going to happen right here, right now… Just because AGS can’t learn for their mistakes…

EDIT : but don’t worry guys, AGS will implement a brand new anti-afk stuff… and then you won’t ever stay on AH, fish, waiting for a mineral node for 10minutes until you’ve been disconnected ^^

45 minute in q still 12281 xD

as i understand it there’s already possible ways to stay in game indefinitely I wont share the rumours because I don’t want it to become an issue or get people in trouble for no reason but when faced with an issue like this, gamers always find a way

And this is really sad to let players find that kind of “solutions” instead of real ones…