Held hostage in a Chaos Dungeon, don't want to lose rewards to troll

My IGN for this incident is Sereia, I’m trying to gear some alts to raid with my siblings but this troll named Ghnmjkaqw refused to accept the request to move forward and the timer ran out. I would love some form of compensation if possible as this is cutting into time I need to play with my family, and there’s only so much time we have together in a week.

Also, trying the warn feature just gave the error “Warning failed. The player is in an invalid area.”. Seems like this needs to be updated to include Chaos dungeons, even if it needs to be a 3 person vote to kick after that since this actually impacts player’s available resources in-game. The fact that this is even an issue is honestly surprising to me, as it seems to be an extremely simple issue with a simple fix.

Hello and welcome to the forums @Glasletter,

I am sorry to hear you were affected by a player’s vote during your chaos dungeon. Unfortunately, we do not offer compensation for other player’s decisions in the voting process but if you have any proof of the player having acted outside of Amazon Games’ Code of Conduct then you may report them by following these steps:

To report a player or guild in-game:
Press CTRL + Right Mouse Button (RMB) on either a player, or a player’s name in chat.
Select Report, then select a reason.
Provide the player’s character name, details of the incident, and include screenshots when applicable. For guild reports, make sure to include the guild name.

To report a player or guild outside the game, file a web ticket Report a Player or Guild - Support | Amazon Games

Thank you for helping us keep Arkesia safe. :wolf:

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The issue was that none of us could vote to kick the player, not that nobody did. This issue with the system caused us to become unable to proceed. The troll was an issue, but it was one that a failure in your systems caused to be an irredeemable loss of resource for every innocent player involved. I confirmed with the other two players involved that we did all send out reports on the player, but that doesn’t solve the issue caused by a failure of the game systems to rectify the situation.

Hello @Glasletter,

Thank you for sharing further information on how these situations can be improved upon in the future. This conversation would be better addressed in the Feedback section of the forums so I have moved the post.

Please bear in mind you can also submit your valuable feedback by filing a web ticket here.

Hope this helps and see you in Arkesia! :wolf:

Ah not the bots afking in chaos dungeon…

that is why you NEVER go matchmaking in a chaos dungeon.


it’s better to go solo or duo with people you know in chaos dungeons.
there’s too much afk bot. trolls. etc in the game that can ruin your CD runs.

The fact that this is a known issue and this is the kind of response I get from the official support people is honestly not making me want to play this game. You are completely right, but the fact that this is the only fix is painfully incompetent of the devs. I was running through on my bard and I’m still fairly new, so I was thinking to play through with some damage to speed up the process a bit.

I guess I just have to spec damage bard and laugh at the matchmaking button. Or quit.

This is why I run Chaos Dungeons alone. You are less likely to run into bots.

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The name looks like a bot lol

An mmo where its unsafe to play with other players and better to solo play. Not a very good advertisement.

ah good choice for solo run CD. my main is bard too.
i built a chaos dungeon build with true courage+contender+preemtivestrike. and i can easily solo any CD
both contender and preemtive strike books are cheap, even the legendary ones. i suggest if you have like 10k gold to spare, to buy those books up to legendary.

Bard main here. You can actually be one of the fastest chaos clearing classes there is.

As the person above me mentioned, true courage and preemptive strike are enormous here. If you have your relic set, swapping it to the betrayal set will make it even more ridiculous.

That being said, you can do it without either.

Combo your prelude of death with prelude of storm. Prelude of death has a tripod that causes effected enemies to explode when they die, and it’s an AOE. Gather a pack (even around a boss/miniboss), hit them with that, and then you slam them with prelude of storm. Storm should be able to kill them. If not, you can open with dissonance and a bleed rune or something similar to establish some AOE chip damage to work them down. They will set off a chain reaction of explosions, kinda like popcorn.

Not exactly what you were posting about, but I hope it helps.

If you want to do a giga slam, on let’s say, phase 2 big boss, you can gather a pack, prelude of death them and just hit your ulti while everything is close to the boss. They will die in one shot guaranteed.

This player is absolutely correct. There are a TON of chaos leechers in matchmake chaos dungeons now. They do nothing, they just afk and wait for you to clear it. The problem is you CANNOT WARN OR KICK THEM! This is absolutely absurd and ridiculous. Because there is no enforcement the problem is spiraling out of control with more and more people doing it.

Yes, we can choose to not do chaos dungeons with randoms, but why shouldn’t the games warn and kick functions work to stop abuse? I have reported literally more than a dozen of these people and I have no reason to believe AGS has ever done anything about it.

Yes people say don’t matchmake chaos dungeons, but why shouldn’t AGS do their job? Why should we have to work around their inability to fix a simple thing like warn/kick?