Held Hostage or Locked Out... You Decide

A friend and I were held hostage in Gates of Paradise by 3 troll players. They didn’t do the mechanics for 5ish attempts, didn’t communicate after us explaining the mechanics, and refused to disband the group. It was a 5 vs. 3 vote where they held us hostage. I reported all 3 of them and encouraged the rest of the group to do so as well. Me and my friend then left the Abyss Dungeon to find that we were locked out for the week. Some of the group decided to stay in and have a war of attrition with the trolls wasting their time as well.

So I guess we had the decision to stay in the Abyss indefinitely held hostage or get the weekly lockout. What kind of system is this? Seems pretty silly to me. This should be changed to a 30 minute lockout to discourage quick group disbands - not a weekly lockout. My friend submitted a ticket and got the simple reply, “Sorry your experience in Lost Ark has been poor…”.

Before anyone says, “It’s just T2 content. It doesn’t matter…” It’s still a good way to make gold from any alts and my guess is that the T3 Abyss Dungeon system is the same. I haven’t been that unlucky yet.

Now that I’m typing this, I see a few other posts from February and March about this. It’s a dumb mechanic that should be looked into changing imo.

Edit: I understand this doesn’t compare to the rampant bot/RMT/economy issues or the loot box legendary armor issues, but I wanted to say something about it regardless.


Once you progress further, it will be a waste of time for you to do the tier 2 abyss dungeons.

Thanks Sammy. That is very helpful. I didn’t realize this. I’ll spread the good news to my friend.

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Sammy, I appreciate that you want to help people. That’s admirable. But please read the full post in the future so you respond accurately. I realize that at 1370, you can no longer do T2 Abyss Dungeons for gold and you can only have 6 characters earn gold per week from content. Therefore eventually all your 6 characters earning gold with be 1370+. It seems your perfectly ok with this system. We’ll see if you are when it happens to you in T3 content.

For those who will say its just t2 content… some people are doing abyssals not only for gold but for a chance to get a gold card! I’m sorry to hear that you got such players on your group and i hope they get banned! If it was me i would definitely rage and spam in chat+ forums!


Once we were explaining clock 1234/12334 mechanics over Google translate to some French kid and after 30 min of trying and explaining someone found the vid on Fr and gave him. After w8ing him to watch it , we did it in first try …
Sometimes you just need to be patient and help each other …

I have a honest question did these 3 speak english or just trolled? We have a few players that dont speak and dont do mechanics and just keep wiping the party.

As mentioned, they never responded to anything we were saying. We not only told them how to do it, but once we failed a couple times, we asked if they need more help. We were helpful. We didn’t rage quit after 1 failure. They were completely unresponsive - all 3 of them. We called out their names - nothing - didn’t respond in another language, nothing…

I honestly think they were trolling. What are the chances of getting 3 completely unresponsive people in your raid that refuse to quit when the other 5 keep asking for it. Not a peep from any of them.

Yea ive seen this a couple times, had a couple people like this most likely they dont speak english or bots.