Helgaia Pet exchange

Hey, sorry if it is not the right place to ask about this, but i was wondering if is it possible to trade my Helgaia earned from twitch drops? I’d like the blue or purple one, if it is ok to remove mine current one and trade for one of those, i would be very happy. Thanks.

Hello @Darkpsy, i hope you’re doing well!

Once the drooped has been redeemed can not be changed.

Thanks for your understanding.

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Ok, thanks!

Just a clarification about drops that been redeem on EUC , are we getting chance to redeem them again on EUW?
Thank You

Hello @gurghul!

Anyone that has or had a character on Europe Central with Twitch Drops actively claimed as of March 7, 2022 at 11:59pm PST (March 8, 2022 at 8:59am CET) will get a 2nd set of what they’ve acquired (Arkesia Paper Hats Chest, Helgaia Pet Chest, Neugier Gold Mount, and the Saphia Pet Chest) activated on Europe West when they log onto the region following the next game maintenance after March 7.

You can see the official post here:

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Thank You