Helgaia Stagger Achievement not Working

The 'No Way!" achievement isn’t counting staggers. I’m currently beating Helgaia twice a day for each of 2 chars (4 fights total per day) on item level and get about 4~5 staggers per fight, but the stagger count hasn’t gone up since I first levelled past this fight near launch.

Before fight

After fight

Helgaia was staggered 4 times in this particular fight.

Staggered in general or specifically during the chargeup stagger check? I think it only counts the chargeup one, but haven’t paid attention to this achievement for a while.

I’m talking about the charging up for the big AOE, with the stagger bar. I’m successfully staggering there 4~5 times per fight.

Hello, the only stagger that count is the fleeing stagger.
There’s multiple conditions to trigger it.

First you need to fail the 2 first bar stagger so Helgaia transform into its pheonix form.
After that you need to wait for its pheonix storm attack (it goes high into the air and become invincible for the attack).
Once it goes back on floor, it will do a shining aura effect.
Stagger it and it will lie a long time on the floor, do not kill it yet.
After that, Helgaia will do a massive cry with big wave effect around it. THIS IS THE STAGGER that you need to succeed (there’s no bar).
If you succeed it you’ll increase your achievement by +1 , if you fail, Helgaia will flee somewhere else on the map.

Wow, that’s a lot of conditions. I’ll give it a try and see if that progresses it. Thank you

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This is the way to do it. I think I’ll be skipping that achievement for a while

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yeah i slowly do it with a junk alt. i definitely don’t rush it else it will quickly become boring :smile:

Thanks for helping out @Maxwhirl!

As feedback, it would help if the achievement text was clearer.

It’s not staggering, it’s staggering at a particular mechanic after allowing Helgaia to become fully enraged.

While that’s the pattern to do it.

i do agree with @PowPowtia that it would be nice to forward that to the dev and confirm :

is it normal that only that specific stagger work for the achievement ?
and if yes : is that possible to maybe make the achievement text clearer so others people aren’t lost when they try to actually do it ?

Agreed, I will forward this feedback. Thanks @Maxwhirl and @PowPowtia :slightly_smiling_face:.

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