Hello AGS, are you going to do something about RMTers or no?

I have guildies, of which i have proof of screenshots and recorded discord voice chats that for MONTHS now, openly brag about their rmt endeavours.

They literally laugh when i say i would rather not wake up one day with my hard worked account suspended.

These guys didn’t buy 10.000 g. They buy 100.000 g every. freaking. week. For MONTHS.

I haven’t seen anyone banned, negative gold . i haven’t seen anything on my guild, on my server, on youtube, on the forurms. Nothing.

I have given my about 300 euro to the game so far and i think it’s fair for the amount of time i played.

I love the game, i was waiting for it for years but i’m out this summer if i don’t see something happening because hell no i m going to support RMT just to be on par with the others. It’s more of a stubborn thing for me and i have taken it personal.

Give us some hope, give us some form of justice even if it means you have to kill half of your playerbase, the rest will be loyal, legit players happy to pay and support.

The ball is in your court do what you want you want with it. It’s just a shame for such a lovely game to produce such negative feelings towards its fanbase.

I want to see actions not words, sorry for the rant.


They need the RMT and the bots to make the game look like it is popular and successful.

So, no, they won’t deal with it.




rmt is not ok… but saving chat logs and recorded voice chats of guildmates…is probably very…tekashi69 of you


AGS be like :


This seems like a lost cause.

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Every legit whale I know has given up and is rmting at this point. I dont blame them, seeing
Others get away with this for so long makes you feel stupid for buying RC.



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Don’t need enemies with a friend like you


@Roxx can’t you see what a failure that first timer get 3D ban policy is?
People want perma bans no matter how much has been RMT.
Are these things even discussed in your meetings?


Almost everyone I know that plays Lost Ark has done RMT. They start perma-banning players, it would be a bloodbath in player count.


They ain’t going to do shit about it. I’ve send screens as proof with ppl. admitting, just to be get the basic answer from Support “we will look at it”.

I think I would lose my mind if I knew some of my friends / guildies RMT’ed.


I don’t get these takes… I don’t know a single person in my guild, if anyone of them were to claim to be RMT I’d report that shit so fast light would call me fast. I swear anyone defending RMT’ers are doing the RMT themselves. No need to defend people who are ruining an economy of a game we all try to enjoy, when you stand to benefit nothing from it.


But it would make space for bots!

Bots are more effective in the goal of holding fake playercounts up anyway!

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I think if you stop bringing this up 800 times a day maybe you avoid enticing people to do RMT from bots with the false hope that Amazon won’t do anything. The day will come when offenders will be punished properly, perhaps not as quickly as we hope, but sooner or later they will.

This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever read.


If you have the proof, then report them. Simple as that.

Because that have been working out


If there are consequences it must be a very very small number being caught, otherwise the problem would actually just go away - even with temp bans / gold removal rather than perma bans.