Hello, can you receive a ban from arena for afk/toxicity?

Hey, a little bit earlier i’ve met someone who claimed that he can’t get ban for being toxic and afk in arena, is it true since the repport function is still available ?

That is either an anti-social teenager or a sad adult with anger issues.
Not sure about the ban, but that dude is suffering in life for sure.


I haven’t heard of anyone getting banned yet. I also tend to be toxic sometimes and write dumb shit. I think for now the report system does effectively nothing.

Expcet maybe if you report people for botting, but i’m not sure that even then action is taken.

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Yeah man it’s weird I’ve had people throw at the beginning of the game

We matched up against snoods tournament team before they were playing their actual match against darksma and my deathblade ran straight to the center of the arena and afk’d the whole fight

Idk if he was griefing bc we were fighting gms or what but I really wanted to play that game and see how well I could do

Some people just make no sense