Hello Everyone! Discord server for all regions who look for stable/static groups for endgame!

Hello everyone, as the title says I have made a discord community which mostly focus on endgame at tier 3 and for people who want to do staff in the game and don’t want to deal with random matchmaking players.
This is all you will find in this discord channel. :smiley:

Subject to improvement in the future ! This is also aimed at people who don’t have a high end item level to join competitive guilds or active ones, who are accepting people based on the item level.
I know this system is in the game but as I said this is made for people who’d like to make new friends and have a better experience figuring out new content and talk in voice while doing it.

Now obviously we have a few rules in place to ensure everyone have a positive experience.

Discord Rules

  • Speak the Common Language in Common Places

Communication in the main text channels is to be done in English.

  • Be Civil and Respectful

  • We are here to have fun, make new friends and socialize. No one has come here to be insulted, assaulted or abused, in a public or private channel. We have a zero-tolerance policy for these kinds of behaviors, including but not limited to: harassment, doxing, impersonation, racism, sexism, homo or transphobia, demeaning/derogatory comments, content regarding sexual orientations, political or religious beliefs.

  • We will issue warnings for first time offenders. Second time, you are out.

And please, do not use creative ways to implement foul language to bypass filters. It is very likely someone will understand you and By the Power of Google Translate and the grace of Urban Dictionaries - we will catch you.

If you have been banned and think that i was way too harsh on you, fill a Ban Appeal through our Ticket system. We will review your case in due time (this might take some time depending on how busy we are).

A Word on Banishment

If you are found breaking our Code of Conduct, the following will happen:

  • First strike - You will be warned by a Mod or a Dev. Please take it seriously.

  • Second strike - You will be banned from our Discord.

  • Don’t worry about a third strike, because there won’t be one. Feeling safe and protected from abuse is of the utmost importance for us, and I am adamant about keeping our Discord server a welcoming place for everybody.

  • Don’t be toxic to your team-mates !! We have a warn system that will get you kicked based on your behavior

  • Be specific with the groups, if it’s a learning group title it so, if its experienced group same, don’t confuse people that leads to toxicity and ends with kicks and bans !!

  • We don’t sell busses nor supports runs, you will get banned for that from our discord.
  • We do however boost each other’s alts with busses, so please do so. (WIN/WIN) scammers are going to get banned.
  • We don’t sell anything from player to player, nor we encourage this (if you want to sell staff use in game auction marker !
  • Players who will try to sell staff through our discord server will be perma banned, just so we avoid scammers and unnecessary drama !!

Here’s the Discord link ! hope in and lets raid togheter !!