Hello everyone, I wanted to talk about gold traders! Tell me my mistake

I’m coming to tell what happened to me just so people don’t make the same mistake. We’re human. We’ll always look for an easier way. It’s normal. I was banned for buying from a gold seller. My account was banned for up to four months because I bought 150k gold. Yes, people will say you can make money with six alts. Full of gold, yes, it’s not the most correct, it takes time to prepare them, it takes a lot, so it turns out here that a lot of people bought gold. So I warn you not to do it! The situation is more dangerous now, they are checking more. If the game provided more gold and more things I don’t think a player would get to the point where he has to pay real money for it. It’s sad not only for me but also for them the game doesn’t work well I love the game despite everything I’ll keep playing yes I’m a cheater I don’t care at least I live with it that’s what I wanted to share thank you!!




Well he admit to it that hes a cheater.

That’s awesome.


It’s not the game’s fault. If you want to pay for gold you can buy it from bezos the legit way no problem.

Other gold buyers:


This post is not for people who come to judge without a mind. I warn people who buy and there are many who have lost their accounts

Buying gold is cheating according to everyone’s opinion. No?

Of course it’s cheating.
It’s also against the terms of service for the game, so your not allowed to do it, hence the ban.
Everyone knows this, some people just like to ignore it and do it anyway, their own fault if they get banned, they have no one to blame but themselves for being stupid :smiley:


it is cheating according to every legit player. bRUH


Screenshot of login screen? For proof or just a bait?

I didn’t come to lie to you in the post, you don’t need a picture for that

If you really want to discourage people from rmt, better include the proof orherwise no1 will care


proof or it never happened!

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I need to find the picture of my ban it happened four months ago

Shoulda used VPN a classic mistake. Oh well you can cheat all you want but when you get caught your on your own.

I’m a rebel so I’m gonna dismiss this


I’m not on the computer right now I will be tomorrow I’ll send you a picture it’s not worth it even if you have a safe way to buy gold they research it too well

This wouldn’t matter, increasing gold generation would only create inflation therefor creating a similar need for gold. It wouldn’t deter RMT if anything create a greater demand as prices increase. If you already don’t want to use 6 characters for gold generation, then what makes you think people will want to do whatever increased form of gold generation, mixed in with increased prices due to those who don’t RMT but min-max gold generation.

Better yet, spend 0 money and play a different game.

Or wait it out. You’ll get tons of free stuff etc when NA/EU catches up to other clients. Just sell everything that isn’t bound lol.


you telling them to not buy gold will 99% NOT change their minds

same reason why despite warnings before about bans YOU did not stop until you got ban…

that’s just that gambling tendency of risk/reward lol