Hello everyone, I wanted to talk about gold traders! Tell me my mistake

Lol, buy gold off the store in game like a real whale. and you dont gotta worry about this.

Its supposed to be a grind, it supposed to take weeks/months.
Sometimes you even have to make some sacrifices, like halt honing to be able to buy legendary engraving books.

You are playing the game wrong

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As I said above, humans will always look for an easier way

There is, you buy royal crystals and sell them/exchange them for gold in the ingame shop.

What u are doing is cheating and not all humans choose that path

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Welp at least we can appreciate the honesty of a cheater


so uhh … whats the point of this thread?

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its like one of those “roast me” post


Good day to you, probably the post is not for you

I didn’t come to post this to hear how much of a fraud I am. I posted a picture and gave a warning!! To all those who are still thinking about buying

Thanks for the proof that Amazon/SG is doing their job properly and banning all the RMTers and not just giving a 3 day vacation.

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I know, but I couldn’t miss the oportunity to sned the meme.

Honestly once you admitted to buying gold from a gold seller anything else you say doesnt matter to me personally. Because the whole " we’re all humans and make mistakes doesnt apply here for me as that term is normally used for someone who did something stupid with out the knowledge of it being stupid to an extant with lil to no notice. Gold selling is egregiously bad for the game yet ppl still do it. I have no sympathy for you that is only my 2 cents as in my eyes there is no justification for buying gold.



So you buy gold with crystals you pay more :person_facepalming:

On the flip side i know 3 people who’ve been buying a million gold a month since week 6 and theyve not been caught. Pros and cons.

Well you end up inflating the market thus everyone ends up having to spend more gold and time because of RMTers inflating the market. Basically what you’re doing is a selfish act that makes you win more than others who are buying legitimately. This game even when it comes to P2W aka Crystal to gold trading isn’t meant for you to suddenly be 1500 ilvl just because you spent money which is why Koreans call it pay to lose.

Ok? Thousands of players were still doing it… If you knew anything about RMT’ers (by reading on their forums (alrdy expecting accusations)) you’d know that many of them are actually pretty anxious about buying gold.

They often claimed that they felt safe to buy gold because people weren’t really getting banned. That changed. Nowadays they’re evidently more scared and apprehensive about doing it, because people are actually getting banned.

My interpretation of this post is the following:
“I know people always say that no RMT’ers get banned, that might’ve been true at some point but they are cracking down on it, don’t get a false sense of security and lose your account on an impulsive decision.”

All this means, to me, is that it’s less safe to buy gold now than it used to.
This post might actually be an effective deterrent against potential first time offenders.

Your point? it’s part of the game Stop trying to justify cheating because there is none you either play the game or you don’t you arent some pitiful victim.

buddy u can spend money ingame via the INGAME system like the real players and not get banned . You want people to feel bad for you your a moron and this post should be deleted


it’s AGSs fault for not doing it sooner. As of the game itself that’s how it’s developped it’s P2W but from their shop, not G2G.