Hello is this ok yet holy moly


Can you explain it a bit further?
If by “auto delete” you mean the folder is empty, that’s because it’s in another temporary folder until launch. Locked there, might be to avoid data miners or people from getting access to servers if they are already up.

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It’s preloaded. Nobody can see the files yet.

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The downloaded files go encoded into a download location. They will be unpacked during installation and after patching.

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Does getting the game gifted work? Would love to know since I have some friends in Canada and Germany who could gift it to me.
We don’t wanmt to wait another 5 years for them to finally release it again for NL and BE.

From what other people have been saying on here and on Reddit, it seems to work. At the very least you are able to pre-load it.

So kind of just wait untill someone tries to actually play it to see if it works?