Hello malwarazon

Hey, there’s a new bug in town that started up this week and it’s pretty crazy let me tell you. Get this I dc that’s fine but then it’s a bad dc that make the game close all the way and me restart( this is when the extremely fun new bug comes into play after I’ve already effectively doubly dced) THE GAME WON’T CLOSE. Normally when I dc and have to restart I just close the game with task manager or steam whatever I’m used to it, but now adays I can’t even do that the game took me 30minutes to close not once but twice today. Please fix this it only started during the most recent maintenance


Yep fun stuff.

Hello! If you haven’t seen already, I’ll link my comment from another thread. There’s some potential troubleshooting in there.

For me the bugs trigger when i close the game twice (not that i want to but dcs happen)

Then i have to kill lostark.exe and the anticheat

Then restart and check steam if they game has the blue stop button then i click it wait and restart if it takes to long.