Hello to all you wonderful people

How are you all doing today?

Good thanks and yourself?

Oops i should’ve read the title, now i feel like i’ve assumed i’m a wonderful person, which is probably false.

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Had to do some malicious compliance for work. It was fun. Wasted 2 hours doing paperwork for my HR to sign and convinced about 20 others do to the same.

Hello to all forum enjoyers here

Anyone else see the meme about Punika npcs spamming lialia?

It isn’t a greeting they are just demanding we dance for them.

LoL, but I haven’t seen that meme

You have now :slight_smile:

Procrastinating meme makers only deal in text form.

Hello you are ready to do daily as a robot lol do not need bots in this game we

Beep Bop… processing… instructions unclear… processing… unable to comply please try again.

sanima wutama oleholeh