Helm lock / unlock issues

Character Bezaell Server Shandalar

I lost my helm about two weeks ago. Should have reported it then but didn’t. Got a new helm and went back to honing it. Got worried I would loose this helm so I locked it. I unlocked it today to hone it and it won’t unlock. It says it’s unlocked but it isn’t. I even tried to transfer the stats to another helm and that won’t work either.

I reported this in the bugs forum but figured someone might be able to help me with this problem.

Hello @Bez

Thank you for taking the time to report this situation I apologize about that inconvenience it seems like a very specific issue.
We can start with a basic torubleshoot in order to get your issue solved:

Once you have complete this steps please close steam completely and restart the game.

Let me know if the issue persist
Keep gaming hero!