Help! After getting Amazon Reward event

How do you get rid of the scrolling message after you collect the item. It’s super annoying having a scrolling message when you already collected the reward.

Honestly never seen it ingame once even and i play a fair bit.
Is it just aggressively being pushed in na?

What reward?

I wouldn’t say aggressively, it’s just the same small box that they use for announcing maintenance under the chat. It’s just a persistent thing.

Honestly I’ve just tuned it out by this point.

After you link your amazon prime account you get stuff. But after you collect it the message never goes away.

Odd. Haven’t seen that

Oh man! You mean you can’t hide it? That is going to drive me nuts.


You can drag it off the combat/roster level tabs by the way. It’s locked to the bottom of the chat window.

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Thank you