Help, Black screen after selecting server

I was playing LA this afternoon and my computer suddenly shut down due to power outage in my area. Then after several hours waitting, the power is back on, but I get this black screen problem. Tried re-install the game already, not working.
Can CM relocate my char, that may work?

Hello @MIE welcome to the forums traveler !

We are glad to have you here with us. I am sorry to hear you are having this issue with Lost Ark, I will try to relocate your character, hopefully that works, could you provide me with your:

  • Character Name
  • Server

I will let you know once it is relocated, if this doesn’t work I will leave here some steps to follow:

  1. Perform an Steam Integrity Check Instructions

  2. Repair EAC, here are the Steps to Follow

  3. Follow the steps on this page:

  1. Try to perform a clean boot in Windows:

If none of this work, please reach with Amazon Customer Support (e-mail) so we can make a further investigation. Here is the link:

They might ask you for the Dxdiag reports so here’s the info in case you need it:

Please feel free to include the link of this post when you reach with Support.

Hope this information helps. See you in the lands of Arkesia :woman_mage:t2:

Sever: Azena
Char: Skylandmie
Thank you, YiYi.

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Thank you @MIE I have already relocated your character, before you start the game I do suggests you to run a Steam Integrity Check just to rule anything out :), please let me know if ti worked !

It is working now, after 2 hours struggling. Thank you YiYi.
Just in case someone has the same problem, here’s what I did.

  1. Ask CM to relocate my char.

  2. updated graphics drives

  3. then did a repair on anti cheat

  4. then verified files via steam

    one of these worked for me

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