Help dps wardancer

Hi guys!! I Need help for my main Wardancer. I’ve followed the guide on maxroll for the build ecc. Now i’m 1455 item level, tripod lv 3/4, gems all lv6 and two 7. Set of 4 dominion. 600 spec and 1400 swiftness. 4x3 engraving: grudge, esoteric, Mass increase, raid captain, and awakening X2. The dps does not exist. On trixion I don’t get to 1M dps/m. I like it a lot as a class, but the fact that dps doesn’t exist makes me feel useless. advice? please don’t Say things like “Is good for buff/debuff” XD

I would suggest you to look for wardancer builds on Loawa and compare and do some small tweaks here and there to see what makes sense

Adrenaline instead of mass increase

And eso lv 1 is enough, you miss out picking it on lv3

Is so bad Mass increase?

It lowers your attack speed including your skill animation. I believe wardancer is supposed to spam skills as fast as possible. There is some korean site were you can check KR players engravings and tripods but I’m out rn and don’t have it on phone.

I’ve put the filter on loawa at 1445-1500. And Who use esoteric are all like this :confused:

maybe switch a swift ring for spec and play around with your pet buff. but yeah i would switch mass increase to adren too. helps with the crit and you can spare that bit swiftness cause no atk speed reduction

Tonight i come back ti trixion for make some test. I never think to use propulsion :confused: but i don’t know about the result XD

i dont know how this site works, people have different setups for different content like hell/hard. i saw one of the highest rated arcana using heavy armor. just try some things out in trixion like you said and you will get behind the mistery of the missing dps D

Im running 4x3: Grudge, Adrenaline, Mass Increase, Raid Captain. 2x1: Awakening, Esoteric and Im pulling 3.8m dps. Drop Esoteric to level 1 and get level 3 Adrenaline. Your stat distribution is fine, even with your current setup you shouldnt be pulling such low DPS for your ilvl, are you running 1 spender or 2 spender? Are you also using your eso skills during your Roar and WW buff window?

Propulsion is bad, what’s the level of your weapon ? How much Attack power do you have ?

1M DPS is available with EVERY class (even bard/paladin dps) on trixion with 1445 ilvl.

I have 2 Spender. Blast and tornado. And Always used After Roar of courage. My rotation Is convinction, judgement, WW, Roar and After the eso skill

+18 the weapon

Can you show a 1min trixion video?

  • you should only go with mass increase if you manage to over-cap 140% attack speed.

  • With set of 4 dominion awakening x2 is not bad but maybe with set of 6 dominion awakening x1 will suffice (it will depend on your swiftness) objective= every 2 min awakening skill up for buff unlimited if you have les than 2 min = not efficient

  • Eso x1 will suffice

  • grudge=good

  • raid captain= good

  • adrenaline cause you have nothing for crit and you need it

with this you have your:
3x3 +1x2 + 1x1

next should be cursed doll or master of ambush, or mass increase ONLY if you manage to over-cap 140% attack speed.

if you have good gem (lvl7 maybe 6 don’t remember) on Moon Flash Kick, Flash Heat Fang and Sky Shattering Blow. You may use this 3 skills with the tripod Abundant Resources. You should be able to go with this order:

  1. Energy Combustion
  2. Moon Flash Kick
  3. Flash Heat Fang
  4. Wind’s Whisper
  5. Roar of Courage
  6. Esoteric Skill 1
  7. Sky Shattering Blow
  8. Moon Flash Kick
  9. Flash Heat Fang
  10. Esoteric skill 2

This is done so you gain back the 2 orbs you spent on your 1st Esoteric Skill before using your 2nd Esoteric Skill. This will allow your 2nd Esoteric skill to do an additional 32% (8x4) damage instead of an additional 16% (8x2) damage.


Tomorrow i can make some test and post a 1m video of my actually dps. And After try ti change engr

That rotation would leave Blast Formation outside your buff window.

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if you are talking about the buffs of Wind’s Whisper and Roar of Courage. If he have enough cooldown reduction for using them immediately and in this order, in this case no the buffs will also be applied the second ESO skill. He need to do it quickly but it’s possible. But I think conviction and judgment will be needed if he doesn’t have good enough gems. I use conviction and judgment and I have lvl8 gems and I have more than enough time.

But if he can’t use the 3 skils immediatly after the first eso skill, then he should use juste one or two (just enough for 1 more orbs) if he can do like that.

And if he can’t do that then just go with the 2 eso skills in a row.

Depend on the situation, it is true that the boss will move so this combo is difficult to apply

But thats the whole point of the build, to use your ESO skills inside the Roar/WW window. You might pull off that rotation on Valtan but it would still leave blast formation out of the buff window and blast formation is your hardest hitting ability. Assuming you’re using resource tripods, the optimal burst rotation is WW>Roar>Tornado>MFK>Blast>FHF.