[HELP] Game Breaking Crash Upon Login


I’m experiencing a game breaking hard crash upon logging into my main character ‘Bigdeeps’ on Enviska. I started to experience the crash upon progressing through Ealyn’s Rapport quest chain “Time To Heal”, she is at Friendly Rank 2. I had just spoken to Gideon, then moved into the adjacent room to use my “F5” key to progress the quest in a mini snenario/dungeon. I then experienced a hard crash and computer freeze. The only way to get back to a normal operating environment was to sign out of Windows (via control+alt+delete) and then sign back in. I then booted up Lost Ark, logged into Bigdeeps, and then immediately experienced the same crash during the load screen.

I tried this 3 more times and received the crash each time.

I can log into my alts just fine, but not my main.

This is game breaking. Please advise.


I have verified my local game files and the crash still persists.

Live support had me delete the game, redownload it, and reinstall it. This did not fix the issue, the crash still happened. Live support was able to move my character so that I could log back in, however, we tried to go back to the quest to see if the crash happened again. Sure enough, the crash happened again. So live support moved my character again and I’m now avoiding this quest until the crash is fixed.

Would love to see this issue get acknowledged.

Thanks for your time.

Hello @Bigdeeps, welcome to the forums!

Thank you very much for reaching out, I’m happy to hear live support was able to help you! In regards to your concern about the issue I encourage you to make a post here:

Use this section to report any in-game bugs or vulnerabilities you encounter and use the following template:

  • Character name:
  • Problem that occurred:
  • Time and date:
  • World/Server:
  • Location where the problem occurred:
  • Any action that may be taken to reproduce the problem:

This will give it the visibility of both the devs and the community!

Thank you very much for your feedback!


I’ll do that, thanks!

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