Help I accidentally deleted my first powerpass

I think i accidentally deleted my vern power pass , i think i miss click the remove function
this is the first character that reaches level 50.

glsarmenta give us more details please!

When I reached level 50, i accidentally click remove the powerpass because i am cleaning my mail storage, I did not notice that i accidentally deleted it, My friend told me that powerpass will be mail in your character once you reach lvl 50.

Character Name : Ladytempura
Server : Aldebaran

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I’m sorry that your Powerpass has disappeared, if you already claimed it from your mail you may have used it by accident, once you consume it, it becomes available for you to use it from the character selection screen.

Make sure to check on the character selection screen if you have the possibility to use the pass on a new character.

If you can’t use the Powerpass run an Steam integrity check to make sure that there is no issues with your game files, steps here:

let me know if i helped you.

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@ModeratorZ thank you,
I am trying right now the verify game files of steam

I think it may take time, I will update you soon

@ModeratorZ , done verifying the files but still my vern pass is not available in character selection menu.

I guess the mail for pass was really deleted

@glsarmenta I’m sorry to hear you still can’t see the Powerpass available.

In this case I also recommend you to make sure that the item has not been moved to some other storage by accident, since it does not seem that the mail with it has been deleted.

If you still don’t find it, is best that you contact live support so that we can gather the necessary information to create a ticket and investigate the issue further. Contact Us | Amazon Games

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Thank you, they already created ticket about this