Help! Lost entry into Oreha Preveza

Character Name: KillingCute
Server: Avesta

entered into abyssel dungeon, There was a 3 second delay until entering the dungeon screen appeared. Then had to wait 40 seconds in the loading screen, and when I was in the dungeon the entire party left and I was kicked out of the dungeon and I didn’t get the ticket back.
I was not inspecting anyone’s gear when this happened.

This is clearly a bug with matchmaking that needs to be resolved and support SHOULD be able to compensate for such losses.

Edit: 1 hour later still no ticket.

Your automated system is clearly flawed and needs tweaking. I had no control over this situation I was booted from the dungeon because my party disbanded outside of it.

Edit 2: Ticket received after 24h by system. if this happens to you just wait 24hours.

Sorry to hear you lost your ticket, KillingQuad.

I’ve moved this over to the support section so our support team can look into this for you.

Thank you for your reply,
It has been almost 24 hours since the incident and still no ticket.

Luckily I never had disconnects but frequently reading topics about ticket issues in the forum

From what I have read, no one on the forums or customer support can issue a re-entry ticket, either you get one from the automated system, or you don’t get one

Maybe Smilegate did not want to give this much authority to AGS, or there were other reasons, not sure

It might take a few days to get the ticket sent to your mail, good luck though :v:

It wasn’t a disconnect. I was the host created a dungeon lobby, pressed enter on the confirmation screen 1/4 confirmations, I get pulled into the dungeon, the 3 others didn’t so they all left the party while i was in the loading screen for 45 secs, as I loaded in it said party disbanded and pulled me out of the dungeon and took my entry ticket.

Edit: Ticket arrived after 24h via mail.