[HELP] Main stuck in Candaria Territory - Game does not load for main now

My main is stuck in Candaria territory :frowning: please help!
Game freezes after reaching a certain spot in Candaria territory. Now Game would not load. Saw same posts from 20 days ago. Please assist.

Server - Regulus
Char - Evildevild

Welcome to the forum community, obond1226.

I’m so sorry to see you’re unable to play your character :frowning: . I’ve moved this over to the support section so you can get the help you deserve!

Hello @obond1226 , Welcome to the forums!

I can help you to relocate the character if it still stuck in the zone!

However i need you to log off the game for a moment, so i will be able to relocate it.

Let me know when you are offline!