Help! Male character but want female face features

I need help redoing one of my characters, male. I suck at face sliders and would like to redo the face into something that is very feminine. It’s a male artillerist. Can anyone help with this? I know it’s odd, but it’s what I want.

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"Femboys ", along with “Goth GFs” are the new craze of this next generation(interesting) but it’s hard to make one since the base faces that allow that in Kr were changed for this version. You can’t get the right mouth(which can’t be altered) and need to put in a ton of effort in the customization. Anyway as much as I love character customization, I’d never make a male character so can’t help you. Maybe try looking up Kr customizations on yt, you might find a guide to a manual customization which you can replicate. Good Luck.

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I’ve been told the face presets have different ranges of modification, maybe try several of those.

l’ve scrolled in to look at my character a grand total of 1 time since launch so this thread is maximum odd.

as for your solution, go scrolling through inven with google translate l guess if you can’t read korean. someone over there has for sure done a femboy and posted their preset

The reason I didn’t suggest this is because presets between different versions of the game are not transferrable. They would need a video showing how to manually create the preset. I have most certainly seen some femboy customizations while browsing Inven though, so it’s quite a shame.

Well I tired. I shall search Google for the answer. I made a character and named it Transwoman and was going to run with the idea of it looking female, but being male. No femboy, just something different.

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they’re not? l swear l’ve seen guildies posting some of the weird artist and deadeye ones and while not all of them are just plug and play, a lot of them did work

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As far as I’m aware, no. I’ve tried quite a few with no luck and ended up making my own customizations fora ll my characters, which didn’t bother much since I enjoy doing that, but it’s unffortunate that I couldn’t get some of these coveted Kr customizations.

oh nvm l double checked what guildy said and a lot of the inven ones won’t work on our version but some definitely do. was on some copium that most worked but it was the opposite

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