Help me, Legendary books

Hey guys!

Just wondering if anyone have any tip on how to efficently buy Legendary books?
How are you guys doing it?

Kinda boring to waste all weekly gold on books for weeks imo……

It is what it is mang.

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Buy a couple of books per week, pin those you want and take a look every hour or everytime you change chars or whenever you want, and buy those that are cheaper, for example, if the daily prices of one book is 8,5k ppl will post like 3 to 4 books or more per day for 8.4 or 8.2k. Besides that, I don’t have any advice there isn’t a pro tip or something like that to buy books…

More alts = more gold generation = more books

Well you can go at it as so.

Everytime you have enough to buy 1 book, you buy 1 book, read it, and feel sad.


You save up enough to buy 20 books feeling sad that you can’t spend your gold for weeks on end, buy 20k books continue to feel sad, but accomplished.

fucking hell it will be painfull

I’ve done so far:
Hit Master (big mistake)
Rage Hammer
Blessed Aura (Should have done Awakening)

Much sad was had.

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i thinking of hitmaster cause i main gunslinger and its kinda cheap

but i feel your pain on buying all off these

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beauty of grudge is that you will use it on every single dps class.

I went about it the same thinking, did Hitmaster to pair with Igniter for cheaper accessories

But after finishing Grudge books it’s just a waste legendary engraving for me atm

i guess grudge more worth though, i also got a demonic alt 1475 so hitmaster would work maybe

Yeah Grudge will always be the #1 choice for secondary engraving, when it was selling for 5-7k it was great but now it’s back up to gross prices.

but at that time, that was expensive cause noone was higher then 1415…

To be fair, if you have a roster of 4-6 gold earners killing Legion Raids each week and you hold off on honing and just save up, along with a lucky book drop or two you can knock out a Legendary Engraving pretty quickly.

I’m F2P, never bought gold from anywhere, and each of those took me 1-3 weeks each, depending on luck that week. I did have a few really helpful drops that pushed that forward, and some of the books (Igniter/Grudge) were still in the 8k or less range at the time

Yes, once you get your 6 initial characters to 1460+ It just starts to add up. you got a nice fixed amount of gold, and if you sell gems and mats on top of that, along with some lucky drops, It’s pretty easy to get what you need.
Just need to do the content.

As someone who is currently about 16/20 Hit Master books, I would only recommend someone buy them if all their classes can use them

My main is SS LC and he has 5x3 already, however alts are Barrage Artillerist, Blue GL, Reflux Sorc and DI SH

All of the alts can use Hit Master, even Blue GL (I know it’s not “meta” but he’s an alt and who’s going to examine me, I’m a support)

My 6th character is going to be either a support, Summoner or Aeromancer, so I got that all covered

The price point seems really good but unless everyone is using it you’re going to be spending more anyways once the rest of your alts catch up

Just wanted to give you some insight before you buy

why? i mean accessories with class engravings giga expensive usually

cause any future supports uses awakening. He can replace those accessories with legendary rings to compensate the needed additional engraving points.
he would easily get 4x3+2 on any support classes he makes in the future. Blessed aura is wasted if he decided to main another support over his current one in the future.

if you decide to main another support u dont use legendary accessories tbh :smiley: so it’s not a waste u just gona need buy another legendary class engraving book if you decide to switch main