Help me please back my deleted character

i deleted my character by mistake long time agoo
Because was need some free slots and he was completed with story main quest and he was given me number of required for knowledge transfer
Is there anyway to back it again please

Hello! :mage:

I understand you wish to restore a character. Could you please reply to this topic with your character’s name, server and region? I’ll make sure to check if it’s possible to restore it.

Thank you in advance!

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Character name: Horrordmg
Class: sorcerer
Server: slen central Europe
Level: 50

Thank you for the information! I’ll go ahead and check and will be right back!


@yestime2leave I found the character! Please log out of the game while I perform the restoration so I can make sure that it works properly! Let me know when you’ve logged out!

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Thanks so much for this faster reply i hope u help me :heart::pray:

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Oky im out now :pray::heart:

I’m back!

Done! your character can now be found in the slot number 4 of your roster! Please verify the file identity on the game to make sure that everything worked correctly and hop back in :smiley:


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Thanks so much brother everything is oky i got the character back thanks so much again have nice day :heart::heart::heart::pray::pray::pray: