HELP ME PLEASE, made a mistake

Used all my Harmony/Life shards on my main, thinking it’s roster wide since it’s under the “Currency Inventory”. But soon found out this is not the case… Is it possible to help me?

Please*. They probably cant help, just write them off.

I made that mistake initially too - it’s a problem unique to the NA servers. Character bound shards, character bound mats, lower honing rates… it’s a game balanced around alt play to support the expensive crafting system, and AGS shot it in the foot.

Sadly there is nothing you can do, and they are not going to move them for you. Just bank your bound stuff and cross your fingers that some day they’ll wake up and unbind the mats.

shards are still char bound in KR and RU

Most of us did that. From now on remember to use only what you need, save chests and bags in roster storage and try to save tradable materials for when you really need them or sell them or market as value will go down with time (probably)