Help me pleasy my account banned

Good afternoon, I’m having a problem and I’m having tremendous difficulty solving it I’ve already felt support I’ve called amazon the staff just answer me this from the images below… my lost ark account was blocked because of a chargeback … I made a purchase on my mother’s card but as I was traveling and wasn’t at home she didn’t know about the purchases she made the chargeback thinking that maybe her card would be cloned or something, a few days passed my account was blocked I called the bank tried to cancel the chargeback but it was no longer possible because you had closed the purchase and it was for me to resolve it with you, then I felt support but so far I have not received a position
there were 2 chargebacks 1 of 9.99$ another of 278.99$ I wanted to somehow pay this so I could play again because I didn’t do it because I wanted to, it was something unexpected I’ve been trying to solve this for 6 days . Can you help me please I’m desperate and I don’t know what to do… sorry for the english mistakes i’m brazilian and i’m using google translator

Welcome to the club! Add your information here, keep us updated, and hope for the best.

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I’m 7 days without an answer…I’ve done everything and got no response =(

Hello @VitorF

Unfortunately, forums staff do not discuss anything ban related, nor can they process any appeals here due to requiring sensitive information that may or may not be necessary.

As you have already reached out to them through a ticket, I’d have to advise that you get in contact with the live chat team again and ask them for an update.

I enter the live chat, but they say they can’t provide me with any kind of information about my case. and they always answer the same thing for me to send a ticket and wait

I appreciate you reaching out to them and seeing what they could do for you.

While I understand this may be very frustrating for you, the only thing I could recommend is to wait for the results of their investigation through your ticket. The forums staff cannot provide any further information regarding your ban appeal, so until you get a response, there are no other options for the time being.

Currently, there is no timeframe for when to expect a response from them. Once they have investigated your ban appeal, you will receive a response via email letting you know what their decision is.

ok thanks