Help me restore my character pls

Hi i’ve accidentally delete my character with vern pass , hope you can help me with this
Character name : Richiemainn
Class : Deathblade
Server : NA West - Valtan

Thank you.

Hi @richiebond, I hope you are having a great day

let me help you with your character, just give me a minute I’ll be back once is done.

Edit: The character should be restore by now, can you please confirm.

Thanks for the patience!!

My character have restored , thanks a lot for your help , I really appreciate it .
Have a good day .

Hello @richiebond, I’m glad to read that the process worked and your character is there.

If you need something else don’t hesitated on reach us out here or on our Amazon Games live support channels.

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Enjoy the lands of Arkesia!! :man_mage: