Help| My character stuck

After the wave of disconnects in europe yesterday, i got kicked out as well while i was doing the quest line in shushire.
i sat the 6 hr que back to my server only to not be able to log into my gunslinger (Sugarcone - Kadan).
i can log into my Deathblade no problem. but as i try to log into my Gunslinger, the loading screen stuck half way and the game crash.
can someone look into it? maybe teleport the char to a city or somthing?
thank you

just to add to this, its like that for around 14 hrs+ that i cant join on my gunslinger

Hi @sugarc0ne! Welcome to the Lost Ark Community Forums! :lion:

I hope you’re doing great today and I’m sorry to hear that you experience this issue with your character.

I was checking and I saw that you are online, do you still have issues with your character ?

no. after im not sure what got it fixed but its working now. thank you

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You are more than welcome!

I’m glad to know that it’s working now. :slight_smile:

Safe travels in Arkesia. :world_map: