Help on restoring my deleted characters

Hello there is there a way for my deleted characters to be restored. Already lost track what are the GearScores of my characters can anyone help me list out the deleted characters in my account thank you

Hello @mrxyd027, welcome to the Lost Ark forums!

I see you’d like to check on your deleted characters.

Right now, requests related to deleted characters are handled only via support ticket.

Our colleagues there will be able to assist you with this. Thanks for understanding.

For anything else let us know, stay safe!

there is no option on the support ticket that has Checking on deleted characters. it points me back to the forum ? so what do i do ?

After selecting Lost Ark (in case it doesn’t show up by default) select the option Account, and then Something else.

There it will offer you to contact us via support ticket (the staff will look at your request and reply to you via email within 24-48 hours) and/or live chat as well. :wink:

Ok thank you

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