Help on story express


I created an artist e selected her to the story express, but I did it wrong. I was actually plaining to use on a Gunlancer, so I deleted her and created the GL. Did I lose the story express?

The only thing that I did was to choose the artist class. I did not do any story line, never left the trixion

Hi @Hitokiri :lion:

I hope you’re doing well! :sparkles:

Unfortunately you cannot restart the Story Express and you can only designate one Story Express character per account. Remember If you delete your Story Express character, you will not be able to designate another one.

You can find more information related to this topic in the release notes:

If you would like to restore the Gunlancer you can submit a web ticket here:

I hope this helps and if you need anything else please let me know! Safe travels in Arkesia! :world_map:

If I restore the character that was with the story express. Did I get event back?

Always read patch notes…

In this case @Hitokiri we need to check if the character is available to restore and if we can get it back you can continue with the Story Express. :slight_smile:

Thanks. Could you do that for me?

I’m on the SA server - Kazeros

My roster character is Mÿne - Shadowhunter - ilvl 1496.66
The character I want to recover is a artist named Mäou. It was on ilvl 50 - lvl 10

I would like to help you but at this moment character restoration and everything related to the courtesy service will no longer take place on the forums. :frowning:

But don’t worry using the web ticket my colleagues can help you with this restorarion! :sparkles:

Please submit the same information, and remember to have an available character slot and be logged out in the moment of the restorarion!

Do I submit that information here?

Using the web ticket option! :slight_smile:

Ok, thanks for the help. I’ll do that :smiley: