Help picking a Main Class

I wanna take these next few months before NA/EU launch to choose which Class I’m going to main in Lost Ark.

I’ll try to explain what I’m looking for:

  • I’ll mostly gonna play solo or duo. I have 3 or 4 friends, that will probably play eventually… but most of them will drop the game after a while.

  • Most traditional MMOs that I’ve played before, I rolled DPS Classes. Not such a fan of support classes so far. BUT, I’m willing to try it out. Keeping my mind open.

  • PVE focus. I’ll probably won’t PVP that much tbh.

  • ‘Simple’ mechanics: meaning I’m not interested in overcomplicated classes that need like 3 extra fingers to make it work (example: from what I looked up, Gunslinger looks like a hard class to learn and master). I’m looking for a smooth learning curve. Just wanna have fun, moderate challenges. It doesn’t need to be the easiest, but definitely not the hardest haha.

  • As for Ranged or Melee, I don’t have a particular preference. I can have fun playing either type.

  • Don’t mind playing female or male gender classes

  • I’ll probably play like 4 hours a day… (idk if that’s relevant)

  • As for putting money in-game… I’ll just buy one of the cheapest founder’s pack. Not planning on spending much more money later on.

Which classes do you recommend?

Thanks for the help!

EDIT: So far I’m leaning towards Berserker, Shadowhunter and Summoner.


Yea I mean, would be nice to test them all myself… but at the same time, a lot of ppl say that the gameplay from early lvls it’s really different from “endgame” builds, once you farmed high gear, etc…

And I really struggle with “re-rolling” characters, you know… I get kinda frustrated and demotivated.

So my goal is to try to get this right, before launch… try to nail my Main Class. Researching as much as I can and gathering tons of info from veterans that are playing for years in KR/RU. I’m scattering YouTube, reddit, forums, twitch… Everything that I can to help me make my decision. Trying to match what people are telling about the classes and my playstyle.

All joking aside with the funny flow chart, any idea what your friends might lean towards? Or would your choice kind of help them decide what to lean toward?

That graph is amazing btw… “How many swords? Yes!”

Well, from previous MMOs that I played with my friends I would say their picks would be:

  1. gunlancer cause one of them always like to tank
  2. sharpshooter bc he likes to play any bow class
  3. Paladin because heals/support… plus he wouldn’t like Bard theme

But idk for how long they would play or if they would invite other ppl to play with us, etc

If you reach lv.26 you can pvp with full skills/tripods/stats. Setting the pvp preset is kinda clunky and you gimp yourself by going into arena to be destroyed by other experienced players though. You can only use the skills when you get inside.

When you reach lv.30, you get a song that teleports you to Trision and there you can freely test all skills/tripods/stats. You can fight normal mobs, bosses, training dummies with damage meters etc as you want. You can even turn cooldowns and resource management off. However, you’d still be missing engravings and runes.

If you wanna do that before release, RU also provides these options. The problem is that you’re likely to feel burned out as it takes like 4 hours to get to lv.30 and the progress is “lost”.

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Oh no… do they not know yet?

Anyway Demon, best noob friendly pog as fhuck class

So myself have pretty much mained supports in other games but personal opinion, take it at just that,
Gunlancer - to me felt the best to play solo with as simple combos, use your big hits, cast shields, auto attack while waiting on cooldowns to come back up. Group play does decent damage and can save mistakes with the shields
Paladin - Fun to play, little more comboy and position reliant with some ground targeting needed, group play takes a little more situational awareness to make sure party is in your buff area.
Bard - Felt good not great, didn’t appear to do the damage of the other 2 but also was probably not comboing correctly on it. Group play was more area targeting for assisting the group which I am not the best at so didn’t care for that factor.

Only “DPS” classes I got around to testing more was berserker and soulfist
Berserker - felt good from the get-go, felt like the standard smash your face on the keyboard and stuff dies warrior, which from what I hear it’s one of those high ceiling classes for dps on rotation, but still did good damage face smashing.
Soulfist - Couldn’t find a rhythm for combos but I’m also really bad at classes with varying ranged abilities.

I’m definitely not the person to consult on fast paced classes, so can’t answer on those to a good degree on fun factor, have always leaned toward attrition classes

Tbh the more I look at class gameplay on YT, the more I think that the support “babysitting role” is not for me haha

Great stuff! Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge!

Lol np, and the babysitter role perfectly sums it up, you can’t really heal like other games, just there to help out when the kids don’t watch mechanics and touch the stove

Haha I see… their pocket ‘panic button’

From what I’ve seen/read my top picks so far would be Berserker, Summoner and Shadowhunter.

They look kinda straightforward, flashy skills, simple rotation… But also really different from one another

Based on what you’re looking for and what your friends will probably main, I would say 1. Berserker (flat-out dps class and considered perhaps the easiest and most new-player friendly); 2. Shadowhunter (dps and flat-out outrageous fun and visuals). One of my favorites, albeit with a little more to know when it comes to switching into Demon form. Enjoy.

Scrapper is also super fun! It feels visceral and man… it is great! I love the mobility it has but also maintains some of the toughness.

Other than that… Shadow Hunter and Berserker are both great options too! Summoner as well! Hard to go wrong with the classes in Lost Ark unless you want to be a dps and choose Bard or Paladin.

I can’t personally decide for you what to main. However, I can leave you with some advice that helped me make my own decision.

• Don’t choose based on the meta or based on a tier list. (What happens when the power shifts based on an update or balance patch?)

• Don’t choose based on popularity. (You’d likely be forcing yourself to play something you’re constantly reconsidering because it’s what everyone else is playing.)

• Choose a class that you enjoy. (Do you like the overall aesthetic? Do you like the skill animations? Do you like the character’s battle stance?)

• As a final note, there’s nothing wrong with maining multiple classes if you so choose.

With that said, best wishes in your decision.

I loved this one. Haha its a Great way to pick your class

it seems you want a easy to use class that has pretty good dps with no support abilities…

i believe the berserker is the best choice.

they are very easy to pick up and you can easily do damage with it.