Help please restoring my deleted characters

i had a misunderstanding about the way knowledge transfers work and i deleted my 5 alts bc of a misunderstanding on the requirements needed ive spent so many hours working on boosting my characters is there anyway i can have them restored? Character names are Nimbusyer Yernimbus Yernimbusyer yeryernimbus and Nimbusyeryer

Hi @gabrielnoble48, it’s a pleasure have you around our fourms!

I’m glad to assist you with the character restoration! Can you please tell me in which server are the characters located?


north america west server valtan

Thank you!

I will ask you to please close the game while I am working in the character restoration. I’ll let you know when I’m done. :smile_cat:

for sure thanks so much

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if possible could u drop the lvl 1 i just made so i can have them all back? or would i have to go through the deletion process again and ask for help again tommorow?

Actually, I was about to tell you that I’ve successfully restored Nimbusyer Yernimbus Yernimbusyer and yeryernimbus but I couldn’t restore Nimbusyeryer because of lack of space.

If you want, please go ahead and delete the character you want to change for Nimbusyeryer. Once you are done please let me know and I can proceed and restore it.

Hope this helps!

also just wanted to say i appreciate the speed at which u were able to help me out had me worried

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whenever u can i deleted the slot so u can restore my last character nimbusyeryer and again thank so much

It is my pleasure! I’m glad to help : D

I’ve successfully restored nimbusyeryer. In order to finished the process I had to kicked you out of the game so no panic if you got a message or something xD.

Hope this helps!,

Have a wonderful week.

lol i wasnt worried thanks my guy i really appreciate it

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