HELP PLS. The best to way get 5x3 for a Igniter sorcerer?

So I got a friend who came back to the game and thinking of playing it again, but I warned him and said that he should be getting 5x3 as soon as possible, so he can clear new raids without a problem.

We started looking into it and the only way possible, he needs to pay at least 400-500k gold, which I believe we just couldn’t find a good way to do it.

Is there any of you who could give me and my friend some advice/help for his Igniter to get 5x3?

Thank you!

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Aight XD

Dont know if in those 400k 500k the price of the engravings are inlcuded but if yes you can do this, build it only buying the accesories where you whould end at 4x3 and 2, 2 beeing igniter at 12 point missing the legendary books and then slowly seel everything every day untill you finish buying the books, also if you can manage a 7 7 stone you can aford for a 3/3 necklace whit great quality that usually goes for lower price.

Use a +9 Igniter engraving book and 2x 3/5 Igniter / something else accessories. It brings down the price by quite a bit. Also he can Swap one of the rings to Swiftness to make one of the 3/5 Igniter / something accessory cheaper.

You need some swiftness either way to be able to cast 2 doomsdays in 1 rotation. So going Crit/Spec + 1 Swift ring is my choice, even though it looks a bit ugly.

Either way to get a good 5x3, you are looking at a 200k investment at minimum at this point.

I would say your cheapest option would be to go for non meta build. High crit or high swiftness. The accesories are very cheap, you could get a decent piece for 5-10k each.

Other than than if you want to go for full spec, then cutting 7/7 stone might be an option, but then you rely on having some good rng. It might cost you a lot to get it. If you get it tho, you can buy two cheapest spec igniter5+good engraving rings and one igniter5+whatever piece.

I recomend you to check out this video (watch timesamps for builds) and decide for yourself if that would be an option for your friend.

You don’t “need” swiftness lol. The bare minimum is lvl 7 CD gem but it’s hard to do, lvl 8 CD gem and you can pretty much always land 2 doomsday unless you get interrupted or the boss moves w/e.

Well yes, I feel like lvl 7/8 is still give too short of a timespan to enable double doomsday… and I assumed this returning player wouldn’t additionally to getting 2 expensive af accessories get a lvl 9 cd gem… but sure.

If he’s dead set on 5x3 but can’t afford it, the best thing to do is get 4x3 with a couple of accessories you can use in your 5x3 build and others you plan to replace down the line. It’s not a race lol you don’t have to get 5x3 or you can’t play the game. 4x3 is good enough to clear all content we have right now.

I get ya but you need to be a little bit realistic cause you do know nobody will take anyone in kakul lobbies with a 4x3 eng, they don’t even take for vykas sometimes, although that has also solutions such as opening your own lobby.

Lvl 8 is good enough, lvl 9 and 10 are just to be comfier in case you have to re-adjust. And honestly going 4x3 with good gems is better than going 5x3 lol with bad gems and swiftness acc.

I understand

If you want a budget option just go 5x3 with precise dagger. It’s lower dps than cursed doll overall but it’s plenty viable and you can always switch it down the line.

And if you do go precise dagger you could technically switch your necklace from crit/spec to spec/swift, since precise dagger makes up for the crit u lose, and the swiftness lets you get double doomsday off easier.

And that’s what you have friends/guild for, better to just find a group you can do stuff with rather than trying to pug everything.

Thank you so much for the information!

Thank you all so much for the information guys!

you can double meatball with a lv5 gem but you have no safety net if the boss moves at all or does a mech or makes you walk

I’m pretty sure u need swiftness for that lol

who said no yearning? yearning is pretty much a given in any party where its not just a homework run

Maybe it’s possible but unrealistic in an actual raid sense. Afaik the general consensus has always been minimum lvl 7 to consistently land 2x doomsday, higher for a comfier time landing it.

With 7/7 stone (for me hitmaster/grudge), igniter +12 and another engraving +12 (all out attack for me, but i play 5 sorc) I build my sorcs so cheap. I just grab 3/3 or 3/4 igniter/curseddoll ring and depending on which 3/3 or 3/4 neck with grudge cursed doll and the rest you need is pretty cheap. The expensive part is legendary books and sorry to say, even if you can skip secondary engraving legendary book and spend more on accessory u cant skip igniter books :frowning: