Help recover an old Character


After playing the game I have realized I deleted a character I wish to play. Is there any way to recover them?

Name: Gapband
Class: Artillerist
Level: 50 or above cant remember
Server: NA West Mari

Thanks in advance if possible, if not, thanks for checking!

Hello there @thebeartown, welcome to the forums,

I will gladly assist you with this issue! I looked into your character and I was unable to find it with that name, can you please share with me the name of another character in your roster so I can try to locate it!

I will be waiting on your reply. :slight_smile:


The main character on my account is Bjornandarrow.

Alright, using that name I have found the account but I still don’t see that name, is it possible it might be another name or server/region?

It might be a different name, I know I had a level 50+ Arti on this server.

I know its not much proof but this is a screenshot of him.

Could it maybe be this name: Bjornfellhanded ?


That actually sounds right, Character is based off of 40k

Okay! In that case please exit the game so I can restore it, then you can check if it’s the correct one!

Also remember you must have an available slot for me to restore it to!


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Im currently waiting to delete a character but it has a24 hour period on it. Is there any way you can just remove that character since they are super low level? Character name: Bearnuke
ALso i have logged out

Not meaning to be a pester but any eta?

@Jormungandrh bump

I guess I will just level another arti, thanks anyways

might have wait till the delete is done then request the restore again


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Yes, as @Drudia indicated we must wait for the slot to be available before we can restore it, once the process is done let me know and I will gladly restore it for you!