Help recovering deleted item

As the title says I accidently dismantled my T3 headpiece after trying to gear transfer to it. Is there any way to recover this item? It was only a +4 headpiece but now I can not queue for any T3 guardian raids. My character is Aeonstrife on the Galatur server

Impossible. honed gear cannot be dismantled - you can simply look at the red text at the bottom of any honed item to see it says “cannot be dismantled”.

I accidently gear transferred the wrong way a +0 to my +4 and then because when you gear xfer it was in my inventory I accidently dismantled it afterwards.

And my ilvl in game still shows as 1314 in game when I choose to switch to it but when I am on it is only like 1200 something because I am wearing a T2 helm in the meantime

This is also not possible.

Your gear is in your bag.

I wish that were true but alas it is not as I have triple checked but the gear is no where in my bags, my personal storage or anywhere else.

Hello @Aeonstrife!

I am sorry to hear about the missing headpiece but currently we are unable to recover deleted or transferred items.

A quick note, on rare occasions the server may not update your inventory properly but its just a visual bug and reloading the game should fix it

I hope you have a great rest of our day.

Well that is unfortunate, but hopefully I can get a new helm in my chaos dungeon tomorrow.