Help refunding a founder's pack


I was planning on playing the game with a group of friends and I have bought a founder’s pack to get early access to the servers. Today while at work I learned that character creation on the server my friends are playing on will be locked. I was unable to get back home and create a new character before the lock went in place.

Since I am unable to play the game the way I intended with my friends, I have no interest in the product anymore. I would like to request a refund for the founder’s pack I bought. Unfortunately, I can’t get a refund from Steam directly as “This purchase contains consumable content that cannot be refunded.”. I have not redeemed any consumable content from the pack, I have launched the game once and didn’t even get past the server selection screen.

Does anyone have any advice on whether it is still possible to request a refund for the pack?

(At this point I don’t even care about the $20 I spent, I just want to make my displeasure with the decision to lock the servers with basically no advance warning known to the developer in the only effective way that I can.)


+1. + as a person with mental disabilities i wish to being treated as a human and not as animal like amazon treats me.

it’s pathetic and disgusting we are not able to play with friends which waits for F2P start. I EVEN LIKES QUEUES MORE than starting from beginning and watching entire cutscenes and they are SHAMELESS by getting us 1/3 founders packs instead of FULL packs + recommendations.

CORPO just GOES CORPO with full term of this and it’s scam and not recommendation… as we lost more than we gets

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I’m very disappointed in how Amazon did things. I am frustrated. I bought founders to start early but then my friends couldn’t join me because servers got locked. So I restarted on the new server. Just give us an option to refund or reset our character/account.

Im not enjoying the game due to my mentality fixed on not being able to have my founders pack and other in game item I brought from the store to bring to the other server.