Help Restoring Deleted Character

I deleted quite a few characters and now that im out of knowledge transfers im kind of regretting it. My ign of one of my chars is mangdrew. I really only wanna restore my wardancer and other deadeye. I think i had another level 50 aswell but i forget. Just restore all level 50s ig. Thanks in advance for any help


they will need bit more information,

please fill in this form:

Character: Mangdrew
class: (Wardancer and Deadeye?) or all level 50s
fill in a time that you won’t play the game, unless someone gets here and ask you to log-out for a second and you read in time. This is the best for the restoration team.

Hi @Mangdrew, welcome to the forum!

I hope you are enjoying your adventure through Arkesia!

Checking your account I can see that you have several level 50 characters deleted, I just restored your wardancer and deadeye as you requested, but theres still one character slot available and some level 50 chars that I can bring back to life, just let me know which one of them you want!

You should already find the wardancer and deadeye in your character selection screen, let me know if it worked correctly. Cheers! :shield:

Thank you, i went to sleep right after i posted this i appreciate it. I forget which classes i even had deleted. I remember a bard and a sharpshooter but i cant remember anything else. I appreciate the help.

Also just logged in and it looks like you restored my sharpshooter not my deadeye lol. No worries ill just keep an eye on this post so i know when to log out to swap it. Thanks again.

Edit: Also bought 2 more character slots so if possible just revive the entire level 50 squad

Hello @Mangdrew! I hope you are well.

According with your message/post:

‘‘Also bought 2 more character slots so if possible just revive the entire level 50 squad’’.

We can see other 5 characters level 50. I can tell you the class and then you can tell us which one you want restored in your 2 new slots

Sure let me know which classes lol sorry to cause u a headache

You are fine, it is a pleasure to help you.

Classes are:

  • Devilhunter 50
  • Devilhunter_Female 50
  • Devilhunter 50
  • Bard 50
  • Blade 50

So the Blade, bard and highest ilvl deadeye, if you can see that. If not ill take the 50/50 lol. I have 3 open slots. Ill log off now so u can do that. Thanks so much

Would you like if we start first with the classes blade and bard?

then, with your last slot we can try with one of the devilhunters= deadeyes


Can you please check if the blade Lv 50 is on the slot 8?

Yeah its there.

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Can you please check if the Bard Lv 50 is on the slot 9?

its there.

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Good to know that so far everything is working.

About the Devilhunters = deadeyes, we have 3:

  • Áñdrew : Devilhunter 50
  • Kæææææææææææææla: Devilhunter_Female 50
  • Ryujisakamoto: Devilhunter 50

Ryuji thank you.

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Can you please check if the Ryujisakamoto Lv 50 is on the slot 10?

yep! thanks so much for helping!

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Do not hesitate to write us again if something happens.
Safe travels in Arkesia. :crossed_swords: :man_mage:

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