help us improve lost ark

I understand that you are not to blame for the current situation and I don’t complain about this situation either, as technical problems can happen in any other game. But the lack of transparency between players’ communication with amazon and smilegate seems simply non-existent. I believe I speak for the majority that what we all want is to have a good game quality and the lack of pve class balance is probably one of the biggest reasons for all the player revolt, a pve class balance would only improve the quality of the game for all classes and I honestly don’t see any reason not to bring something so amazing quickly. Another issue which disappoints us is the free powerpass, either you release 1 powerpass that can be used in two classes or release 1 powerpass for each class released. Do you agree with me that it is extremely unfair to those who want to become main machinist not to have a free powerpass? What’s so special about Arcanist about getting a free powerpass that Machinist doesn’t? I understand that it is not necessarily up to you to answer these questions, maybe you don’t even know why, but please pass this on to your superiors, pass on to them what the players really want, because I’m sure this will keep many constant players. Thank you for your support and I really hope this situation improves, have a good night!