Help with Character Deletion

Issues with my pc have ended up with my character deleted and I was wondering if I could get it back.
Class: Assassin(ShadowHunter)
Region: Europe West
Server: Rethramis

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Hello @NOCAP

If you haven’t resolved this already, I’d recommend reaching out to Amazon Games Support via live chat and see if they can restore the character for you. A member of the forums staff would be capable of doing this for you as well if they happen to see this sooner.

You can contact Amazon Games Support at the link below:

Please be sure to respond as to whether or not you have resolved the issue!
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Hey @NOCAP, Welcome to the Lost Ark community forums!

I moved your character to a safe area.

Please verify the integrity of the game files while you’re off and then try to reconnect with the stuck character and let me know if it worked!

hey, I tried what you said but it still hasn’t worked and I can’t access the character :confused:

Hey @NOCAP, can you double check the information? I want to dive deep on this one and see if I can help you here before sending you to our chat staff.

Please make sure that’s the right character name, the region and the class (if you remember the level that’d be helpful also).

I’ll be waiting for your response. :slight_smile:

hey sorry for the late response, the information should be correct since I doubled checked before creating this thread. I cant specifically remember the exact level I was but it should be fairly low Since I was quite new to lost ark and have only put 11.7hs in

Hi @NOCAP! :lion:

I hope you’re doing great today and I’m sorry that you’re still waiting for your character.

I couldn’t find your character under that name “NOCAP” in the Rethramis server but if you can help me with the name of another of your characters maybe we can find your account and the character that you would like to be restored.

Thanks in advance. :mage:

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oh ok, if its not NOCAP are you able to try ‘DASCAP’ ? that might be it if you cant find one with ‘NOCAP’.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find any character under that name. :frowning:

Right now do you have an active character ?

no but i can quickly make one

If you would like to created a new character under the same account that would work. :slight_smile:

Maybe we can find your deleted character after doing that.

Let me know when you’re done and the name of the new character.

I have made a new character called seppiku (Gunner-Male)

@NOCAP I was checking the account where you created the new character but I couldn’t find the character you deleted.

You are using the same account ? or you created a new account ?

its the same I believe, I feel like giving the full story would might be useful here: I had a problem with my pc and sent it off to get it fixed, the guys that fixed it made a copy of the stuff on my pc then reset it, then added all the stuff back. Once i got my PC back i started redownloading the stuff i had and when i got back lost ark and booted it up my character was missing so i assumed it was deleted but im not so sure anymore…