Help with my meta slave igniter sorc 1490

yo guys need some help from ppl that got more experience.

atm my igniter sorc got
igniter 3
all out attack 3
hit master 3
grudge 3
ether predator 1
at 1750 spec

my question is now, is this fine?
or do you think its worth to spend like 1m gold (cuz game sucks) to do a 5x3?
only got precisse dagger and ether predator 12 books.
and not gonna buy grudge or cursed doll books or whatever, cuz i only can use it on my sorc. 5 bards cant use this xDD

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honestly this looks good enough. But that doesn’t mean people will accept you to raid. You’ll find the most cruel people in the DPS-character world xD

Fine for what? It’s decent.

If it’s a serious character, get 5x3 and level 9+ gems.

I’m in the same boat as you. I have six bards. I spent more on the one sorc I have than all of them combined.

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you could add adrenaline 3 as the last and it would make it cheaper than adding cursed doll, with adren you have a choice between nightmare or hallucination set whereas with cursed doll you would force yourself into hallucination

you could also play adren, grudge, igniter, keen blunt, all out attack with hallucination set if that is much cheaper to make on the market

buy igniter books would be a great investment. gl

oh thats it ? just spawn 2m gold to spend

It was more like 1.4 million, don’t exaggerate.

It took time.

If I stuck with level 7 gems, maybe it could have been about ~608k

It was easy life compared to a dps walktrough. Prepare ur tits for gatekeeping

People dont like precisse dagger but ur better 5x3 wkth precisse dagger than 4x3 without it u will be better looking for people in raids

get off Reddit and forums

Let me know if you need me to kill any guardians for you. Anything to help a mokoko!

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No thanks. I’ll just get accepted instead because of my gear and gems!

WTF? I had to pay just under ~40k 1-2 weeks ago (+200k Grudge)
Books - Ignite 9, Grudge 12 (that was expensive but need it on several DD’s ~200k)
Stone - 2k up to infinity (got 8/8 Hit Master / All Out Atack took me around 12k)
EQ - Around 30k if u dont need 90+ Quality and have time for bids

sorry have not calculated the Gems since i took them form another char of mine 4xlvl9 dmg rest lvl8 that would really cost millions but I thought it was only about 5x3

I also roughly counted honing costs to 1500.

1 mill ? i’m payed for my igniter under 150k for 5x3 ( not counting stone ) i have kbw, grudge, aoa, hm and ign

i assume with that amount of spec you are 1490 with 4x3+1 it’s maybe time to go 5x3
check the ah everyday to maybe have a good cheap option or you can go precise dagger which is cheaper option but viable option