Help with Paladin


I’m 1.334 lvl but there’s something bothering me.

I’m like glass outside the use of Godsent Law and other healing abilities.

I was outright killed in the 1.3k abyssal dungeon after being stunned, its like 4-5 hits kill me…

Any Paladin has advice? What I might be doing wrong? Even with Heavy Armor its hard to survive and I’m sure I’m doing something wrong…

Thanks in advance.

Hey, just to check are you a Support Paladin or a DPS one?

I run a full support Paladin and I’m a fraction under 1400 so maybe I can help :slight_smile:

“4-5 hits kill me”

…??? Dodge, use potion… paladin is a support not a tank. Prioritize support rotation over dps buttons, don’t animation lock yourself if you know a move is coming.



Expert lvl 3 and swiftness build.

And obviously, dodge, lol

Like everyone said… Dodge and
Put your tripod skill in the right build such as - shining protection (charge), perseverance (heavenly blessings), Bulkwark (Execution of justice), Sturdi Armor (Dash slash) and ofc Vod of Light (Holy protection)…
As awakening Alithane Judgement there you go… tank
If you still die blame AGS on OCE terrible ping 200ms+ WTF

My pally is 1340 and I don’t have this issue lol. Maybe don’t face tank everything just because you have shield cooldowns?

I could see how as a Paly you could get use to face tanking all the damage on previous content that pretty easy. But you need to change your playstyle ASAP. Learn to avoid getting hit while supporting your group. that’s your role. You are not there to do damage to the boss.

Swiftness should be your primary stat as well. that will help with move speed and cast speed.

I think others have said it but just because your a Paladin doesn’t mean you should try to face tank damage - it’s not that sort of game.

In LA every damage source in the game can either be avoided or interrupted and this isn’t the kind of game where your constantly throwing burst heals to survive. Instead you just need to learn the mechanics of whatever your taking on and avoid damage. That way you can use your shields and DR’s when your team need them most.

Personally I almost never die on Argos. Not to say I can’t, CC chains can still make you lose the bad luck lottery but it’s not that your gears bad but instead that you are taking hits.

If your using the right skills and have Awakening at level 3 then you should basically be immortal and be able to outheal whatever you receive. Expert 3 is great too but having more uses of your ult is king.

How many blue skills are you running btw? Maybe it’s a bit of a build thing but I don’t run Heavy Armour or feel the need to use potions much. Remember, your DPS makes almost no difference and you have no taunts. Your job is to support the team and stagger the boss, and as such positioning is key but you do not need to be glued to the boss.

Just using 2 blues but I probably need to get charge. The shield on it might be the difference

“4-5 hits killed me”

Love it :joy:

Are you still using your Tier 2 ability stone? Pretty sure that’s what the issue is

My main is a paladin and I did p2 Argos at 1377 couple weeks ago and didn’t die so maybe I can help, I am full swift and I use charge with self shield tripod, can use that very often. Also I would recommend the world boss card set, with a food buff I’m sitting at over 100k hp and never had issues. Lastly remember you’re support, you don’t need to be in the action from what I remember Pali is good for supporting melee, bard is good for supporting rage, bard stays relatively close to boss, Pali stands away, godsent can shield most of your team if they’re melee, counter has massive range, shield has decent range as well as your 2 buff skills.