Help with T1 to T2 Transition

I just hit 600, and had some questions about “what to do next”. I don’t see any sort of “Players Helping Players” type forum, so I’ll try it here, and hopefully it won’t get lost.

I have T1 +15 gear and hit 600. I was told I could either quest through the next area (Yorn?) to open up the T2 Chaos Dungeons and such, or if I didn’t want to wait, I could buy pieces of T2 on the market (seems pretty cheap) and use that as a starter set.

Regardless, once I have a T2 piece, I kinda understand there is some sort of transfer I’m supposed to do to transfer my T1 progress to the new T2 gear. I’m assuming it’s the “stat transfer” NPC and it will work similar to the transfers you do at the honing station when you find a better quality gear and want to transfer the progress on the lower quality gear to it.

The question is: Is that (all) accurate, and if so, anything special to know? Any gotchas? How much progress on my T1+15 will transfer to T2? Etc.


When you transfer your T1+15 your T2 become T2+1


after you get your 802 set you transfer you +15 t1 set into it (so you bascially get 820 right away after getting 802 set). Same npc as you do your honing, just a different tab.

If you plan doing abyss dont worry about the quality at all.


Would that be true with any level of T1? What if my T1 was only +3, would that transfer to T2+1? Or I guess that’s not even possible, as to be able to get into T2, you have to get T1+15 (600)?

Oh! I thought it was the stat transfer NPC. What is that NPC for?

So you just do a normal transfer at the honing person, just as if I had found a T1 90 quality item and wanted to replace a T1 20 quality item?

not 100% sure, but think you should be able to transer the honing lvl to an other t2 blue piece.
As we can transfer at least from blue to purple to epic gear already. never tryed blue to blue.

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You can only do it with T1+15 because you need to be T1+15 (600ilvl) to buy T2 gear

If i’m not mistaken stat transfer NPC is for T3


you will need to do Yorn anyway, so that’s your only way forward and you should do it RN.

Then go to Yorn chaos dung, get your 802 set (probably may purchase it, I wouldn’t), do the transfer 600+15 → 820+1, and continue grinding.


I asume you mean tripod t3 npc. and to OP, dont think about this before you are at t3.


I wouldn’t waste the pheons on the gear either, unless you are like at a weekly reset or something. I bought the gear for my deathblade, so I could buy out some mats. I had just gotten to Yorn.


Okay, thanks everyone!


You need to clear Yorn to access T2 Chaos dungeons.

1st Chaos dungeon has ilvl 600 entry and drops blue T2 gears.

You can opt to purchase T2 blue gears off of AH and they’re cheap, but keep in mind they also cost Pheons.

Even if you buy gears, you still need to clear Yorn to access Chaos Dungeons, which is a main source of mats for honing.

Once you obtain your base T2 gears, use the Honing NPC to transfer your old T1 gears. They will provide +1 upgrade.

Make sure you do not upgrade the blue T2 gears before you transfer.

Gear qualities really do not matter much. Only weapon quality start to matter when you craft Epic+, though I tend to skip Epic and go straight for Legendary.

You can reroll your craft by dismantling crafted gear, then recrafting. Keep in mind this process costs silver (gold in T3) but mats required are 100% refunded upon dismantling.

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