Help with the Virtuses

I understand that the vituses some of them you get it doing side quests, if ive been doing side quest with any alt that im playing at the time, even roster and island quest, in case i nees to be any specific, if im using an alt and i decide do to an island i do it withouth putting any tought on it, even chain quests, i dont care, now im stuck in raport bcos of this stats… so there is a way to fix this? all the alts have those vistuses all over the place.

and if its the case, why the game do this if we are supose to use alts?

and i mean specifically those quests that are bound to roster that also give stats, ik that the potions are shar among the roster, im really confuse about this


Virtues are shared between all your characters, so it doesn’t matter with which character you get the virtue rewards from quests etc.

The only difference from character to character, when it comes to virtues, are the costumes and skins, since they have stats for virtues on them.

You will get enough virtues in the game without a skin though, from all kinds of sources. A skin would just give you an extra boost.

oh i see then the diference was bcos of the skin, thanks

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