Help.I claimed the terpeion mount in another server

Hello, i play on Eu central and created 1 char in Eu west just to get the rewards.I missclicked and got the chest where u get terpeion mount.Can a game master or someone help me like transfering the reward to eu central (Wei server) if possible?My ingame name is Zerotwoob

Thank you.

happened to me too idk what to do…

Hello @juandiegocayuelanava and @Scars,

I’m very sorry to hear that you claimed your reward by mistake on another region.

Unfortunately we cannot transfer said rewards between servers or regions once they are claimed. This feature has not been implemented and we don’t have information whether it will be made available in the future.

I deeply apologize for the inconveniences this can cause you. If you want, you can leave your feedback on the following link: Submit Feedback - Support | Amazon Games.

Have a good day.

Ty for replying

Good luck they are not going to do anything.
Already sent a ticket even chat with Someone.

The answer from Amazon should be " ok give me your character name that i’ll re send you the items to xxxx character in xxxx server only once"

But after all the tópics and chats with customer service the answer is the same.

Is not a feature, its a client service, do It mannualy its our money

unfortunately AG is not even able to do simple stuff like that, it’s a joke.