Here is feedback on what its currenrly like to play on euw

Oh im so far behind i joined the game a momth after release and was defaulted to this region and despite having 10 alts i only have 1 character high enough item level to do clown.

But good its reset day so i can get some progress. Oh again i cant log in for 12 hours on reset day while the other regions pull further ahead.

Nevermind they will give me a maintenance reward which other regions will probably also get who got to play all day.

Oh look they gave me aura of resonance so now im forced to do double the work on one of the 6 remaining days before reset occurs.

Oh finally in. Let me go reclaim all my cards and set them up on all the alts im forced to have to try and progress.

Cool spent 2 hours setting up the cards again lets spend the next 5 hours doing the borinng dailys so i cant get enough destruction stones to have one honining attempt on my alts weapon at 5%. Oh it failed. No progress today.

I only have an 8 /6 stone. I really need a 7/7 because theres is only one item with combat readiness 5 and spec on the entire auction house and its 100k gold and i need 5 x 3 and i cant afford 15k per book for leg grudge engravings.

Ok no pheons left guess i got to spend anothet 89gbp to get royal crystals to buy blue crystals to buy 100 pheons

Ok paid my money got my pheons buy 10 stones to try and cut a 7/7 because its essential due to no accessories. All stones fail.
Gonna spend more money to buy more pheons.

Nice after 500 pheons i got a 7/7 lets get my accessories.

Need a phd and 5 spreadaheets looking through diffent combos of engravings just hoping you find some to make 5 x 3
Think you have it sorted buy realise there is no ring on auction house with grude 5 barricade 3.

Start again. Think you have it sorted but realise you now need a earring with cursed doll 5 and stablised status 3 with spec and it doesnt exist on auction house.

Finally find a 5 x 3 build with accessories but its terrible all your accessories have 20 quality and your forced to take increased mass as thats the only way you can make 5 x 3 with the slim pickings on the auction house.

So now your trying to get into raids with your awful 5 x 3 build the 4 groups doing clown all looking for a support insist you have.

You probably even had to take domination as a secondary on your necklace as that is the only way of getting a 5 x 3 build with the aneorexic choices available on the auction house and likely have a negative engraving also.

Finally get accepted to raid. You wait 2 hours for a support. You finally get a support and can enjoy the raid.

You dont enjoy then raid because your scuff team of comprimised builds dont do nearly as much dmg or have as much uptime as the streamers you see playing on regions ags doesnt hate.

Thats the euw experience.


as a fellow euw player its like i wrote this, sadge

as fellow EUW player this hits just too close . AH is the worst , you have to have 6 different combos open and try every combination of engravings just to get 4v3 sometimes and the quality is either 20 or it cost 150k gold

The auction is a sticky subject. 5x3 in healer classes, without several viable options, is practically impossible.

Then I got a drop with low healer quality and it turns out that there were 7 more in the auction with higher quality. Nothing, it’s not worth it to me specifically and I can’t sell it, I’m going to look at the other option that works for me, exactly zero. So one week, after another, after another.

With this last fusion, the region is touching the bone and ready to close.

Not really. Cutting stones or resetting cards has nothing to do with a specific server. Calling it work to do chaos dungeons is quite ridiculous.


Region merge when

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Im on euw and cant relate to those problems

you have 60 chars? obviously hyperbolic which doesnt help your case

i equipped all my gold chars the past weeks. obviously legendary class engravings are missing and 2 combat engravings too. as time passes i will get there

none - literally - of have my alts have a 7 7 stone. they are 6 -7 one is 9-4… if u had spent that money/gold on engraving you’d have made way more progress

no. u start with class engraving and necklace. then you know what to get. spec classes can be expensive to equip as they really bank on good quality tho. thats no different in other regions

saint uploaded a video of a grp clearing clown with >>>> ONE <<<< engraving.

You need a guild and a bit more patience. seems to me you are trying too hard to break walls you encounter by brute forcing those with headbutts

alts are a good way to bridge time. they are fun and beneficial in the long run

P.S. in your case I would get a 5 X class engraving a 3x3 necklace if the class engraving isnt on the necklace and 5x3 accessory and 2 leg books. it will take time. my main was 4x3+2 for a long time.


The main problem is the thing money can’t buy.
Specific accessories that don’t drop. The worst feeling ever is when you search AH and you get 0 results. How can your money save you now?


Apparently we are all imagining it rabanus there assures us there is lots of items lm the auction house. Just follow his advice and get a class engraving necklace.

Ok rabanus find me a spec crit combat readyness necklace in euw with barricade or any suitible engraving.

Guess we are just too dumb to find all these itema rabanus finds. Maybe we all blind

Either way im very happy to hear from him that all class engravings are available on a necklace with correct stats and other engravings.

Oh wait thats not true. Rabanus is lying.

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I play almnost everyday since launch, my highest ilvl character is 1475 xd
not a single character with 5x3, all of them 4x3+1 at max
Im behind everyone, blue crystals in the sky
do I care? no
gl hf

Can’t wait the 1 week downtime for that maintenance :wink:

I’m so glad, i rerolled to EUC 3 months ago. Back to 1477 and 5x3 now. I would never have gotten the same 5x3 on euw.

I can even do pug raids in the middle of the night.

If they ever merge regions, Double 6-roster will be so wonderful.

It is actually never to late to switch to EUC. The next powerpasses and express events will be even better than previous once. I know it sucks and alot of ppl won’t do every shity collectible again and prob quit but if u really want to enjoy the game u should switch.

Thats where you fucked up

Up to that point you described a shit experience. You used your money for another shit experience. Why? Don’t waste your money.

When you reach +1000 mokoko, +50 souls, full list of 6, some with coveted 8/7 stone. It’s too late, anyone would rather shoot themselves than start with nothing as a rookie, to play with people watching you, and they take 3000 hours ahead of you with +12 dolls.

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Well, we have 2 soft resets on the horizon. So it’s enough time to reroll. A mate startet 1 month ago and his main is 1481 with 2x 1415 alts - f2p. But u do u I guess. But don’t count on a region merge.

The AH is soul destroying on EUW. There is so little to buy even if you have gold. From what I gather the server mergers must be a prelude to a region merge. (EUW and EUC). Otherwise a basic feature such as AH is going to be what makes players leave. I’m hanging on in EUW. Gone way too deep to reroll on EUC. Don’t make me quit AGs because of a failing basic standard mmo feature: a functional AH.

Instead of imagining things you should follow this advice



here u go 110k Buyout roughly

On one point i stand corrected tho. its the first time i had a build with lvl 1 class engraving. you kinda need a 7/7 stone :confused: else you would need an accessory with 5class engraving + 3 other useful one

obviously one could save a lot of gold with low quali items. but as its spec i chose rather decent ones

You are overreacting. Setting cards up takes half minute on each character.
The market is not in the best shape in our region, that’s true. But with some degree of determination in AH sniping you’ll get what you need eventually. Also, you always start to build your engravings with a neck. Then if you’re in a hurry you can always patch your non perfect jewelry up with better stone and/or additional +20 legendary books. It’s not easy but doable.

Yet no engravings so far. How is that even possible?

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Im in euw and cant relate. 5x3 paladin, soon 5x3 striker and EW deadeye. Only 2 alts and I can afford to 5x3 least popular class in least populated region, try using your brain for once. You pick most popular combinations for your class and complain about prices, pheons and lack of supply? In euc and na you pay over 100k for shitty quality accessories and double the price for pheons🤣