Here is how you fix the major problem. Please dont ignore Amazon

  1. Bring down EU central server capacities so we will have longer q but stable gameplay.
  2. Grant powerpass on 1st character in EU west to those who already have a character in EU cental.

Please do these things and all the problem is gonna be solved by itself. Noone is going to reroll on eu west and people can endure only so much to not being able to play the actual game. I had to skip my dailies for 2 days by now coz we cant get in dungeons.


So from 7 hours to 14 hours?

No that is for just maybe 1 day coz when they do the 2. That i typed, we wont be having much q.

Queues can’t get much worse. The game might as well be stable for people who are logged in.

I think if u want to do this they need to add a anti macro system as well since ALOT of the people are just afk with macro’s

You can blame them when servers are like that?

The problems are bigger than this. It’s not just about the levels my dude.
When I moved from Thirain to Calvasus due to my irl friends being locked out I lost all my guildies (from earlier games), I lost all “server wide progress” like collectibles, cards, roster levels etc.
I also lost all my Twitch drops, Founder’s Packs and store bought items. That these things aren’t account wide is friggin beyond me at this point.
Spending a day releveling a char to 50 isn’t the issue, especially when you get 2 powerpasses for just continuing the story so the leveling is a non-issue. All other parts of progress though, like gearing etc that is time gated, that does become a problem.

We need FREE server transfers this early on (later paid idc) with a solid way of bringing all your stuff and time with you. Amazon really needs to push Smilegate to get a system like this in place.

Theyre not expecting rhe level 50 gamers to move, but those who have made less progress due to the queues or real life stuff. If enoigh of those move then it’ll help the queues and stability.

But they also said the eu west isnt the only thing they are doing to try and fix things.

Yeah for 5 days we have that dungeon error. 5 days.


Yesterday i could not do Guardian Raid or Abyssal on any of my characters. Managed to barely finnish 2 Chaos Dungeons on one char.My GF is gonna quit the game if we have to level up from scratch in a new region… What a disaster this launch was…

So glad i bought 2 platinum versions for us…

Let that be a lesson to you. Never preorder a game.

Dungeon and matchmaking issues are due to the server caps being extended. This was done to lessen the queues but the game code can’t really cope with so many players and the matchmaking system. So, although they expanded the caps to let more players connect this was overall detrimental to the other game systems in place.

The solution?

  • Reduce caps back to the standard caps like other regions.

  • If no character transfers are possible due to either no code or having to be done manually (I would imagine even 50k manual transfers would be unfeasible). Then there should be a ‘sweetener’ available for those who move. Extra packs, premium time etc. Powerpass is not a solution and you don’t get completed quest progress or adventure guide progress.

  • Do nothing - Players tire of 10+ hours of queues and either move or leave. Ignore the bad press and hope things calm down in the months ahead.

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Who preordered? The people who even bought the Founder’s Pack did so knowing the game had been out for over 2 years already, one might think these issues should be non-issues by then, amirite?

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Except the western release is not the same version of the game as the one in Korea. Also, it’s a different publisher.

Yeah you’re correct, they should have all the kinks worked out by now.