Here is some feedback: Learn to communicate

I have no idea how Amasoon is managing to do this over and over again. And I’m not talking about Roxx (if you ever read this, I honestly think you’re doing a good job and I can’t begin to understand the frustration you must be feeling, trying to “manage” this community while having your hands tied due to the obvious lack of clarity from your dev/product team), this must be some systematic failure within the company.

How can you NOT lock in a patch X days before it’s set to go live? The community would MUCH MUCH MUCH rather hear 5 days before maintenance that “No new content the coming maintenance, we’re still working on it”, than you springing shit on us the last day over and over and over. It’s becoming really old, and it’s hurting your product so much. Your communication is a meme, in the worst possible way.

To be clear: I’m not upset one bit about when content is coming, delay Valtan until june for all I care, what frustrates me (and many more) is the lack of communication. Give us date. Give us the ability to plan.

Get a grip on this.


^ This. Please respect your player base, AGS & Smilegate. We were having such big expectations because you told us nothing and we had to figure out all the clues ourselves. One simple post a few days ago or even yesterday would have made things way better, even though it still would not have been ideal.


people have been asking for this hundred times, they dont care.
they had many chances to improve communication since argos release

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100%, i thought they would learn after the argos mistake.
Even if they didn’t know when the patch with lancemaster will come, they could at least said something instead of working in the silence all the time and then throw this information 12h before a maintenence that apperently is for 8 hours too xD (They even made a twitter meme “Patchnotes when”?)

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we have been telling them this for weeks now… they are not learning and they completely deserve this backslash

(They even made a twitter meme “Patchnotes when”?)

They did? Ouch… This reminds me of BF2042 twitter so much when they posted the “Beta in September” meme.

I guess this is that famous transparency they talking about all the time.

Ya, its pathethic that they do something like that 70h before a hyped up monthly patch, and what we get is some rewards for 8h maintenence

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I just imagine the look on a clients face if I said their project would be completed “Sometime soon. It’s planned for sometime in April”

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Unfortunately, the truth is that Amazon doesn’t give a shit about us, at least the big boys with the suits in Amazon HQ there are some CMs who do a good job, for example Maselbard on the subject of frustration that no update is coming, nobody has given a date, so you can’t blame Amazon in this point. BUT the big mistake was when you heard the rumors that the update should come tomorrow and you didn’t react you should have communicated openly and said “people the update is not coming this week” that’s the big problem “THE COMMUNICATION” dear amazon guys stop being silent like that i know you could afford it because you are such a big company but it’s just damn rude to treat paying customers like that

Ya, we also not sure which April, maybe April 2024? :slight_smile:

They really need to roll patch notes much earlier instead of making fun of the playerbase on twitter, 12 hours before aint cutting it, AGS needs to get their shit together big time, its like they have a rebellious 12 year old managing things.