Here is what I did to get unbanned

Okay so you just got banned. I am sorry I know its incredibly frustrating. you are probably about to be bombarded with people telling you that you are a RMT’r or some sort of afk bot so be prepared. But here is how I handled my ban and got unbanned.

I was part of the early March ban and here is some tips I have for you. (unbanned now)

  1. make the obvious web appeal
  2. follow up with live chat and request a ticket be created. (I waited from March 2 to March 5th before finding out I didn’t even have a ticket) once that ticket was actually made. It has a V####### it seems like the ball got rolling
  3. Create a Steam support ticket referencing your V number. My case was for a refund ban so obviously Steam could also see I didn’t refund.

These should help to set the groundwork. I know it’s frustrating I spent every day in live chats. Found emails and phone numbers to call etc. wrote on the Facebook page etc. none of that mattered. Just try and get that V#


Thanks for helping the community Krakendude

Saved as bookmarked…one never know when one need it :+1:

On point2, where would you set up live chat with support, I haven’t seen that option.

Choose like “compromised account” just to be able to select “Live Chat” as an option

Found it, thank you!

How long did you wait until the support unban you after the V ticket is created? Mine is at 32 hours now and they said it’s still pending for decision, and it’s also a refund ban.

Can i ask how you get to chat with someone live? my girl got banned for no reason and her appeal got denied. She’s pissed.

where did you find it?

Live chat has been removed. Everything is done via web ticket now.

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You can still create a ticket

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but we all know how far just a ticket gets us right? she has no proof that she wasn’t cheating but we’re confident that an analysis of her in game actions will prove them wrong. they won’t even look at it.

soooo false bans