Heres a ticket i made with support about refunds and why you get banned

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Me [14:57:35] : Issue: Lost Ark - Purchasing: Steam or In-Game Purchasing Issues

Zeyaad [14:58:49] : Hello, how can I help you today?

Me [14:59:52] : hi there, i bought the platinum pack for Lost Ark, on EU Central Server, but have not been able to play, thus losing my Aura and basically wasting money, amazon have said to move to EU West but we then lost our £90 pack with no compensation.

Me [15:00:53] : so i got in touch my with my bank and they said i can dispute this and get my money back due to the laws here in uk. but from what ive read online, if i do this then i get banned from lost ark? what if i want my money back then return in future (if) the game has improved?

Me [15:02:05] : is this true?

Zeyaad [15:03:07] : please allow me a few mins to look into this for you

Me [15:03:12] : thank you

Zeyaad [15:07:48] : Im still here just doing some research on my end

Me [15:10:17] : ok no problem

Zeyaad [15:10:25] : Unfortunately yes, you will be banned as its against terms of service, so only solution to that is to use a different steam account possibly

Me [15:11:09] : ah right ok, thank you.

Zeyaad [15:11:44] : No problem Ash, is there anything else I can help you with?

Me [15:11:49] : no thank you

Zeyaad [15:12:04] : Have a great day further

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so yeah , you can get a refund as i checked with my bank, but you will be banned. just a heads up for anyone. hope this helps. This is for EU btw, as i was curious as i havent played the game properly yet xD and bought a platinum pack -.-

Makes sense

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yeah, sucks but ah well :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know how Terms of Service apply if they don’t provide service, but ok…
The whole problem is that no one will go to court for 100 euros.


A reply i gave 1 week ago to a guy in your position. It is what it is man. :frowning:

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Elite, yeah ah well im not too fussed. elden ring soon and ill let LA just cook a little longer, i believe they will fix some stuff or atleast give us our packs and twitch drops back at the very least aha xD

Taking a break might be the best thing for you with or withour refund. Best of luck! O/

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