Here's what all Alar Skins look like

I wish the showcase videos did a better job showing these skins off in detail instead of just teases.
Put this together with Shop Previews for each class.
Weapons are NOT part of the skin.


Am I the only one who feels like the Assassin and Mage outfits are cheap cop outs? Both are dressed up and fancier versions of the starting armor those classes have. The Martial Artist outfit also doesn’t really fit the aesthetic of the current classes but it does work for the missing Lancemaster. At least Warrior and Gunner got decent outfits.


I actually bought assassin one because I think it looks really nice… I just hide the helmet, because I do not like the face cover.

Where are these skins from?

I do like the Assassin outfit. I just wish all classes had gotten something unique instead of one being given what is essentially a recolor and dress up of their starting armor.

It’s sold in the in-game store. You can also get one if you buy the Vanquisher Starter Pack bundle.

They could have been more distinct, yeah. Mage one looks different enough for me, but the Assassin one is hard to tell apart. Still looks cool though. But probably not worth 800 Crystals… or roughly $20… Skins in this game are really expensive.

If someone really wanted it, it’d be a much better deal to get it with the Vanquisher Starter Pack ($65), which includes 2100 Crystals ($50) plus this skin ($20), plus unique mount and pet and items.

Why the hell is a MARTIAL ARTIST getting a knight skin???


For some reason the skin doesn’t come with weapon. So the female Martial Artist skin doesn’t look as good as the promotion images.

I actually kinda like Martial Artist skin (except the helmet). It feels different from her other skins. Mage one is the prettiest.

are there any ingame pics available? esp Martial Artist…

I’m closing in on the end game and the outfits I’m now getting in-game are prettier than the mage outfit in the store. Even the ones I was getting around level 20-30 look nicer imo. Don’t think I’ll be spending any royal crystals on it.

I main shadowhunter and I don’t mind playing female toon and also don’t generally buy anything from the cash shop but I would pay for a skin that, if nothing else, traded the stiletto heels for no or low heel boots. Gawd they’re awful.

To say nothing of the oversexualized hips and strumpet walk. Is this the way most Asian games portray females?

So when will we get some korean skins? I don’t like these extremely prudish amazon skins and would like to buy some revealing original ones.

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Are these skins dyeable? I thought about buying the mage one but not if it can’t be dyed like the other outfit in the shop.

Mine is dyed (just try to keep the same appearance but made it more reflective)


We are not going to get those skins and if we get them they are going to be heavily censored.

Call me what you will, but I can’t condone AGS changing the game for purists. People that don’t like the game won’t play it after the buzz dies down. If this trend continues and I can’t get what the Korean/Russian/Japanese version gets, I can’t give AGS my money. I do not speak for everyone of course, just me.

I want this game to succeed as it is and was. Not what AGS thinks it should be. New world failed, and all their games they have tried to self publish and release have failed. They do not know how to make anything. It’s the truth. Look at all the issues this game is having right now, it’s not Smilegate’s game that is the issue, it’s AGS’s handling of it. If they think they can run a game constantly running around trying to put out fires and spending more time sifting through armors to make them “more appealing to a western audience” than fixing the actual game breaking issues atm. This game will not survive.

I want Lost Ark, not Amazon’s lost ark. People can say “get a vpn and play another region” Why? So I can get banned for using a vpn? Why on god’s green earth did Amazon choose to publish this game? It’s everything they hate. They have censored/changed outfits, base faces, npc’s, class names, character names, the list goes on for ages.

I ask again, why did Amazon decide to publish this game of all things? “Let’s take a game that is already doing well and change what people really like about it for the 100’s of people that complain about it that just won’t stick around anyways”. Do they not know how to make money outside of Prime membership subs?

I don’t have an issue with Amazon adding western faces and giving OPTIONS for outfits and gear, but taking away is really not the way to go about this. Everyone wants more options not less. Add as many variations of something as you see fit, if you make a change you still have the original assets and can just make a variant and make even more money…

But let’s please kotaku and twitter. The changes Amazon did didn’t even stop people from having the same issues they would have had if they changed nothing. I really don’t get it.

Sorry for the long post. I just got out of work. Flame me all you want people, these are just my opinions. <3

/end rant.


Is the Alar skin account or character bound ?

I believe it’s tradeable. You can see em up in the market.